Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleeping and the CVoD

I'm not asleep... but that doesn't mean I'm awake. ~Author Unknown

Sundays are the only day I can actually sleep in. It's the only day during the week I don't upload new pages on the LASR/WC site. As a result, I tend to force myself to stay in a reclining position as long as I can.

This morning I finally got up around 6:15 a.m. -- and I am paying for it. I have a headache, I'm groggy, and I really just don't feel right. I need to remind myself to NOT sleep in any more. Blech.


UPDATE: The Cunning Voles of Doom

Two nights ago, DH saw a vole running down our front walkway and diving under the steps. This is SO bad for a number a reasons. 1. This means they ARE living out front -- and the gardens on either side of the steps are full of nummies for them (LOTS of bulbs, seedum, etc.) 2. DH threw all the little bits of concrete (from the steps he destroyed last year in the great "replace the door" fiasco) underneath the new steps, so there is absolutely no possible way, short of pulling out all the bits, to find the vole hole. This means I can't use the carbon monoxide bomb (or even poison... though that is an absolute last resort that I'm still not sure I'm going to resort to -- I'm giving serious thought to digging up my gardens and planting grass). So, I'm going to have to try live trapping the buggers, and we know how well THAT worked last year.


How can something so small be such an incredible nuisance?


Daisy Dexter Dobbs has some great advice for aspiring authors. Even published authors can get a nice kick in the pants from it. I highly recommend reading it (I will add a quick disclaimer: she writes erotic romance, so her covers are a big suggestive--though not any more than most romance covers nowadays):

An Addiction that Doesn’t Cause Liver Failure: Advice for Aspiring Writers


You Are Riding Boots

You are very sophisticated. You have refined tastes, and you don't fall for cheesy trends.

You are naturally chic and stylish. You can pull together a great look in no time flat.

You don't need a lot of flash or bling in your life. You prefer the glamour of the understated.

You treasure wisdom. You are attracted to ideas and things that have stood the test of time.

Surprisingly, that's mostly correct (sans the "You are sophisticated" part)...



Dru said...

Sorry about the vole situation.

You Are Rain Boots

You are a very playful and fun loving person. Nothing can slow you down.

You are dreamy, and you can find the romance in anything. The littlest things make you smile.

You are outgoing and friendly. You always find yourself talking to strangers.

You are optimistic about the world. Even when it's raining out, the sun is shining in your heart.
I'm not outgoing, but otherwise it's moderately accurate.

Have a good Sunday!

MomJane said...

You Are Cowboy Boots

You are incredibly down to earth and happy with yourself. You don't pretend to be someone else.
You also tend to be very practical. You don't really have a lot of room for fluff in your life.

You are a very honest and direct person. You will give anyone a straight answer, even if it's a bit uncomfortable.
While you're quite sensible, you always like a little bit of flash in your life. You don't overdo it, but you do like turning heads.

This sort of fits, and I do LOVE cowboy boots.

Good luck getting rid of those nasty little voles.

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear about the reappearance of the voles. I hope they don't do too much damage.
I am Cowboy boots. Huh, I don't even like cowboy boots. But, it's pretty close.

I hope you feel better and have a good day.