Saturday, March 28, 2009

Making Dog Food

Food is an important part of a balanced diet. ~Fran Lebowitz

I'm sure this will get easier as time goes by, and that I won't end up spending the better part of a day on cooking Dakota's food. Today, though, I did.

It started with shopping. I went three places: Vitamin Shoppe, Petco and Sam's Club. And I came home with this:

As it turns out, I overbought by quite a bit. Hopefully the carrots and potatoes will keep until next weekend, when I'll do this all over again.

Next, we chopped and cooked.:

And cooked. And cooked. It took two hours for everything to be done. And then it had to cool. I put it in our winter refrigerator:

Finally, after another hour or two, it was time to puree and assemble.

And Dakota got a taste. She liked it... she really liked it. She followed us around for an hour afterward, hoping. She kept going back and licking her bowl. I think it was a hit.

Sadly, all that only made five days worth of food. I'm going for seven days next time. All I need to buy is meat, though. I have more than plenty of everything else.


In other news, I figured out the sequel to "Kitchen Matches". I know, I know, I'm spread out all over the place in my writing, but this story suddenly hit me today while I was outside scooping poop (again). And, no, there is no poop involved. I even got the first line. And I know the heroine. And the hero -- it's Cori's eldest brother, Zack. And, it's going to be fun. And -- since I already know it's short (I'll shoot for about the same length as KM), it shouldn't take me long to write it.

We'll see.

Happy weekend!



Dru said...

Bravo on making your own dog food and I'm glad Dakota loved it. I was visualizing Dakota following you around with her tongue hanging out saying "more food, please".

That's great about the KM sequel.

Have a great weekend.

Sarita Leone said...

I'm so glad it worked out well and the food passed the taste test. Nice job!

Think it's great that you uncovered a new story when you were uncovering the lawn. *G* I look forward to reading it!

Hope all is well in your house and that life is much calmer than it was earlier this week. :)

Brandy said...

I'm glad everything worked out for making Dakota's food and that she liked it. I can just imagine her following you around. *G*
Yay on the sequel!

Have a wonderful Day!

groovyoldlady said...

You, my dear, are one devoted dog owner.


And now that it's today I read the quote you posted for yesterday and I almost spewed. Very funny!