Sunday, March 08, 2009

Don't You Hate When This Happens?

"Don't judge a book by its cover”. - American Proverb


It was a gorgeous day yesterday -- right around 50 degrees and gloriously sunny. I walked with the dog, took her to play with the neighbors and dreamed about the day when the snow would melt for good and I could plant...

We won't talk about the 3" of snow coming on Monday. Nope. Not going to say a word about it.

:::zips lips:::


Yes, I got my soy milk! I am sitting, sipping yummy coffee even as we speak.

Any big plans for Sunday?



Maria Zannini said...

Ref: covers

This is my biggest fear.

At least on your cover the title is more readable and I like the shadowed edges at top and bottom.

I am such a visual person that I worry I'll buy a book thinking it's the "right" book only to find out I got the wrong author.

Dru said...

They can do that with covers? I don't think that is fair? Sometimes I go into a book store knowing what the cover looks like and not the author and if that is so, could pick up the wrong book.

No plans for the day to speak of. May take another stroll on the boardwalk before the rain comes this afternoon.

Have a good Sunday!

Ceri Hebert said...

Well, that's rotten. I know that the models on my WORL cover is on another cover, but different pose so you really can't tell.

I don't want to hear anything about snow. We lost a bunch yesterday and I hope we'll lose more today. Ugh. I'm not liking snow.

No plans today. My DD wants to watch Anne Of Green Gables with me today. That's the extent of my plans.

Sarita Leone said...

I like Ceri's plan...Anne of Green Gables sounds wonderful!

Thinking I'll bake an apple pie for hubby. Pie is sure to bring a smile to his face!

Hoping to get back outside with the rake for at least a little while. Looking for flowers in the beds. :)

And no snow. Please. No. Snow.


kim-free ads posting said...

Yeah, I hate it when this happens because there is a 50/50 chance of getting the wrong one..

Tori Lennox said...

That really stinks about the covers. I mean, c'mon, there are plenty of pictures out there that could be used!

Diane Craver said...

I saw your book cover on the other book a couple of days ago and was disappointed to see it. Sorry - shouldn't have happened.

Not doing much. We did grill outside and I made potato salad. We are enjoying warm weather but there is a tornado watch in our area.

Melissa McClone said...

This happens all the time. It's such a bummer. I don't know why they have to duplicate covers like that.

HQ uses a lot of the same ones and sometimes just the same model. I had a baby on one of my covers complete with pink jammies and a teddy bear. I saw another HR with the same baby, in the same jammies and the same teddy bear. I said, "But that's my baby!" In the last couple of years that baby sure has made the rounds.

Hugs, Marianne.

Brandy said...

I've seen 3 books with the same, once reworked but recognizable, cover in the last two years. I don't like it when they do that, but understand why.

So I'm guessing you don't want to know it was 72 degrees here today? *g*
I stained all day. And I mean ALL DAY. Yikes.

I hope you had a fabulous Sunday!

Lynn said...

How exasperating! Sort of like going to a party and seeing someone there wearing the same dress as you. Well, you wear it much better than she does ;-)