Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tow Trucks, Webhosts and Five Things

There are three kinds of death in this world. There's heart death, there's brain death, and there's being off the network. ~Guy Almes

To those of you who wonder just why the hero in "Kitchen Matches" (Micah) has the heroine (Cori) pinned to the side of her tow truck... well... you'll just have to wait. That's a secret between me, Judy (who will crit it for me) and my editor. Muh-ha-ha....

Unfortunately, poor Cori is still there as I only wrote 138 words yesterday. I place the blame squarely on the hosting company for the reviews site. First I spent almost 20 minutes waiting for help in their live chat, only to be told to send an email to support. I did so, and rec'd a request back from them for my user ID, password and screenshot of the error screen. I sent it. Waited, waited -- for SIX hours, I waited. Nothing. So I emailed them again and asked if they had a status, and got a request for my user ID, password and screenshot.

Color me unhappy.

Unfortunately, this happened about two minutes before I had to leave for the field trip. So I shot them the info and asked them to confirm they had rec'd it.

I got back back four hours later. Checked. Nothing.

So I called. I got a fairly reasonable and literate human being on the phone, who spoke clearly (for a change). I told him my story, he apologized, looked in to it and actually came back with a reason and an ETA! Woot! The reason, one I had seen in an email: they are changing the control panel. Apparently all the bugs haven't been worked out and it crashed the server and database for my website (lucky me). ETA? 24 - 48 hours. Thank heavens it's the weekend.

So. 138 words.

I'm going for 1862 today. Wish me luck!


BTW, if you like LASR -- our romance reviews site, then go to this blog and see the poll on their sidebar -- feel free to vote for us!


Avery tagged me! So, yay, I don't have to think about what to blog. Of course, this meme requires a different kind of thinking. Which makes me think this: does blogging count toward words in 70 Days of Sweat??

What were you doing ten years ago?
1) Living out west (yay!).
2) Raising a puppy.
3) Commuting an hour one way.
4) Country Dancing regularly.
5) Trying to get pregnant.

What were you doing one year ago?
1) Celebrating the release of my first published story!
2) Writing like a fiend.
3) Being active in my writing group.
4) Teaching my DD third grade.
5) Watching "Heroes".

Five snacks you enjoy:
1) Fire Roasted Tomato Triscuits
2) with salsa *G*
3) Dry roasted peanuts
4) cheese and crackers
5) chips and guacamole

NOTE: Actually I'll eat almost anything with salsa and guacamole.

Five Songs you know the lyrics to:
1) "Renegade" by Styx
2) "Music of the Night" from Phantom
3) "God Blessed the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts
4) "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood
5) "Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley

NOTE: Huh. I'm a little eclectic in my tastes.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Laser all the hair off my legs, pits and *ahem* bikini area.
2) Pay off my house.
3) MOVE back out west.
4) Take a week at a ritzy health spa.
5) Get regular massages and chiropractic care.

**NOTE: Yes, it's all about ME! Now, if I was a billionaire? Because, yanno, a million doesn't go so far anymore...okay, truthfully, one of the thing I love to do is shop for gifts for other people and to give money to every single Salvation Army bell ringer I see. THAT would be a hoot with a million dollars!

Five bad habits:
1) Losing my temper.
2) Waiting 'til the last minute to plan dinner.
3) Eating too much and not exercising.
4) Getting impatient with my DD.
5) Needing to check my email constantly throughout the day.

Five things you like to do:
1) Write
2) Watch good movies
3) Sing
4) Talk with friends (usually via IM -- HI Judy & Michele!)
5) Laugh

Five things you will never wear again:
1) Gauchos
2) A bikini
3) Nylons (yay!)
4) Pumps with lacy, turn down socks.
5) Bell-bottoms (yes, I HATE the current trend)

NOTE: I admit, I copied some of Avery's. It would appear we are from the same general generation...

Five favorite toys:
1) My computer
2) My DVR
3) My digital camera
4) Balloons
5) My dog

NOTE: I do play with my dog. That counts, right?

Five things you hate to do:
1) Cook dinner
2) Shave my legs
3) Iron
4) Pooper scoop
5) File

NOTE: I haven't filed anything in an entire year. You should see the stack... but, tax time is coming. I'm going to have to break down and do it soon. It's all in a neat, chronological stack, but not filed.

Five people to tag:
1) You
2) And you, too.
3) And you, if you can find the time.
4) Maybe you?
5) and Judy.



You're sweet (but not too sweet) and you fill other people's lives with tasty bits of awesomeness. You're no perfectionist – in fact, you're a bit disorganized – but your friends find your easygoing personality irresistible. You're so popular and loveable that even when you're having a bad day, people still like having you around.

Uh, no.

Must as I'd like to be a chocolate chip cookie, I AM a perfectionist at heart (it may not reflect on this blog, since I tend to ramble...), I'm NOT disorganized (I live for organization), and I'm NOT easy-going. And me on a bad day? NOT fun to be around.

Oh well... You?


Dru said...

I know what you mean about waiting for customer service and I really hate when my webhost server goes down as well.

Did you make it to the apple-picking excursion yesterday?

Good luck on your word count today.

I'm a thumbprint cookie!

You know those cookies that have a little indentation in the middle, filled with fruit-flavored goo? You're one of those. You are strong and confident around the edges, but on the inside, you're as sweet and sensitive as that mushy blob of jam. Your personality is so deliciously sticky that you probably become the center of attention without even trying.

I hope you have a good Saturday.

Tori Lennox said...

Great meme! I think I'll do it for today, too. :)

You are a gingersnap!

You're sweet and kind, but never dull. Your flavorful personality and snappy style make a memorable first impression. Some people don't appreciate your spicy sense of humor, but your friends can't get enough of those witty wisecracks. You're smart, fresh, and totally tasty. Everyone wants a bite of you.

I don't know. Does that sound like me to you?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm amazed you can do the purple people eater song! Wooohooo!

Good luck with the writing today.

Ceri said...

I just read your short story. It was so cute! I love the pounding of the head on the table too. Great job!!

Melissa said...

Hugs on the continued problems with the Internet company!

Seems like yesterday was just a bad day for writing. Hope you get your words in today!

Brandy said...

You're making us wait? No fair! *G*
I'm a fortue cookie. Um, NO. (Funny though, I really do like fortune cookies to eat.)
Sorry to hear of the webhost problems. Hope it's fixed early!

Have a peaceful sunday!

groovyoldlady said...

I'm a peanut butter cookie.

"Even if you're not a kid anymore, you probably still appreciate things like stickers, juice boxes, and silly nicknames. Peanut butter is an essential part of childhood, and you have a high-energy approach to life that reminds us of a little kid running around the playground. (Bet you'd love to skip all the stuff you're supposed to be doing today and hang out in the park with your friends.) Your personality is a happy, chewy blob of peanutty goodness."

I voted!!!!