Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not Booking It Today

"Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy" - Thelonious Monk

Normally I do Booking It Through Thursday today, but the simple fact is this: She wants to know all the facts about me meeting a famous author, and I haven't met any. So it seemed silly to participate...LOL.

Of course, I was counting on that for my blog today, so I have nothing much to say.


((think, think, think))

*scratches head, sips coffee*

Some random thoughts, I suppose. Are you scared?

1. I can't find any slippers this year. I like the "boot" kind and all I can seem to find are the slip-on kind. I don't LIKE slip-on slippers. I want my entire foot kept warm, not just the toes. So, in the meantime (because it is finally getting cold here), I wear the silly, floppy bunny slippers I got for Christmas last year. At least they go all the way around my foot. But it's like wearing clown shoes, and I trip constantly, though so far I have managed to not trip going down (or up!) the stairs.

2. My DD was sure she was going to vomit (I was going to say "yack", but that was just a little too... something) last night. She stripped off her shirt (so as not to get any stray goo on it -- her idea, not mine) and hugged the potty for a good half hour. Finally, after lots of swallowing and prayers to not vomit, she went to bed... her garbage can nearby. I am happy to report that we made it through the night yack-less. Hope she's better when she gets up today.

3. We're supposed to get our firewood delivered today. I'll believe it when I see it. Two weeks ago, they showed up when they shouldn't have, and I was gone to the fair. Last week, they didn't show up and they were supposed to and I wasted my entire morning waiting for them. Fingers crossed.

4. My birds (the wild birds, so I suppose they aren't really "mine", but I do feel a bit protective of the critters) are eating me out of house and home. I have flocks of them every day -- mostly finches and juncos, but I have plenty of titmice, nuthatches, chickadees and woodpeckers as well. Oh, an my cardinal couple who show up at dawn and dust each day. There are some afternoons I have to go refill the feeders because they've cleaned them out. It's amazing, and in all the years I've been feeding, it's never happened before.

5. We have a mole in our yard. DH is furious and wants to throw down poison. I'm trying (in vain, unfortunately) non-lethal ways of eradicating the cutie. Still, if it does come to murdering the unsuspecting, only-doing-what-God-built-him-for creature, I want something targeted so we don't just randomly kill other critters. DH doesn't care what I do as long as the mole goes away... anyone have any ideas?

I mean -- look at this face. How can I want to kill something like this:

6. I finished the galley's to my holiday story, "The Christmas Curse" yesterday and it's off to production. I imagine it'll come out sometime in November, but I'll certainly keep you posted! Why is it, though, that after reading this thing through... oh... fifteen or twenty times, I don't think it's nearly as cute and wonderful as I did originally? Seriously, I loved this story. LOVED it. Now? Sheesh...

I could probably go on, but it occurs to me that I overslept this morning (didn't get up until 4:45!!), so I have work to do. Lots and LOTS of work. Ugh.


You Are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

A classic and an original, no wonder everyone snakes your style!


Ceri said...

My strangest slippers? Carrots. Really long carrots (a good 18 inches long at least). They were a hazzard on stairs but they were definitely interesting.

Hope your daughter feels better and your wood gets delivered.

No idea how to get rid of moles. We have a family of groundhogs in our back yard. They're very cute. I hope your feeders don't attract bears though.

Oh editing. I never wanted to look at Finally Home again after going over it a gazillion times.

Have a good day!

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, do NOT get me started on those slip-on slippers. What is the POINT of them? Especially the slip-on kind with shearling lining? Hello?

Check out Vermont Country Store. I got my slippers (the boot kind) from them. Love them! And they come in PINK! *g*

I'm glad your daughter survived the night. :)

Our birds go crazy when the feeders are filled up, too. Especially when the weather turns cooler.

We have moles, too, but have yet to find any way of getting rid of them.

Hey! I'm Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, too!

Melissa said...

I'm the Godfather Ice Cream. Someone crosses you, and they'll end up with a scoop of this in their bed.

How did they ever come up with that one.

Glad your daughter made it through the night and hope you find the slippers you want!

Brandy said...

Hmm, have you tried JC Penney? They usually have tons of slippers.
I received Cherry Garcia Ice Cream. Something about being the "coolest cat around". *snort* Yeah, right!

Enjoy your day and if I hear anything on non-violent traps, I'll let you know.

Dru said...

You Are In a Crunch Ice Cream

The perfect combo: a completely nuts person who likes to be touched

I'm glad DD made it through the night. How was she this morning?

anno said...

Gah! Somehow my comment from yesterday didn't make it... I hope your daughter is feeling better today.

Also. About the mole. Consider borrowing a terrier. They're natural varmint killers. You don't want to know how I know this.

MaryF said...

I love slipper socks. They're these really SOFT fuzzy socks, then you can put your feet in the slippers.

Of course, I'm in Texas, so I'm not as cold as you!