Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Just a Rambling (wo)Man

Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank. - Alphonse Allais

Yanno, I've noticed that little quirk about coffee. *G*

DD I and are going on a homeschool field trip today, provided it doesn't rain. We'll be going apple picking with a group of other kids at an orchard that also has a petting zoo (she'll be in heaven) AND she gets a hayride to the orchard. It'll be touch and go about the rain, though, since the activity isn't planned until 1:00. Fingers crossed.

I'm fighting with my webhost again this morning. I certainly hope things go better today than they did yesterday. At this point **looks at watch**, 5:02 a.m., I am unable to access my account in any way. I can't upload files, check stats or anything else. I'm not a happy person. This is NOT a good way to start my day. Fingers crossed on that as well, thought it's awfully hard to type with my fingers crossed. Maybe I'll do toes instead.


I got 1058 words written yesterday -- and have left my poor heroine pinned to the side of her tow truck by the hero. He's a little upset right now, poor guy. And, he has every right to be. I'll get back to them in a few minutes.

Since this story has grown a bit more than I had planned, I'd like to grow it a little bit more. Right now it's bordering between the rosette and miniature rose at TWRP (where I'll likely send it). I'd like it to be a solid mini-rose, which will take at least 2,000 more words. I think I'm good for that.


Your Uncommon Name Is:

Mahalia Divina Crooker

Yes. I'm beginning to run out of quizzes. I may have to stop this fun little doodad at the end of my blog.



Sarita Leone said...

Have fun picking apples. We did that last week and I've canned a ton of applesauce. Going back to pick some more next week. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, Marianne, you're field trip sounds like so much fun. Hope the rain stays away so you can go!

Enjoy yourself!

Tori Lennox said...

The apple picking sounds fun!

My uncommon name is Jeannetta Zenia Murrah. Er, no thanks. *g*

groovyoldlady said...

Hello, Austin Lamonica Longwell here. I'm dying to know WHY he's upset and WHY he's pinned her to the truck and if he's going to kiss her or scare her (or both)!

Brandy said...

I'm with groovyoldlady! Do tell! *g*
The uncommon name quiz was a hoot! Mine was: Bobette Ellena Noggle. *G* I kinda like Ellena. And when I took french in grade school the teacher made me take Babbett as my French name, because Brandy is a universal name.

Have fun on the field trip, I am taking the kids to a pumpkin farm this weekend. FUN!

Have an enjoyable evening.

Dru said...

I hope you were able to go apple-picking. We had a downpour of rain right before lunch.

My uncommon name is Maxima Evita Wafford.

I hope your Friday was fun.

Alice Teh said...

Sorry to hear about the web host service provider. It's always frustrating when this happens. I used to host my old website and I know how it feels when things don't work as they should. I hope the situation improves soon.

Anyway, my very uncommon name is "Willow Makeda Barkman".

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Ah... I remember those apple picking field trips! I'm glad you had a good writing day!