Sunday, April 29, 2007

Situation Sunday

When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice. ~ William James

Lo-o-o-o-n-g Night. Almost no sleep. Tired. Must meme.

SITUATION SUNDAY - What would you do?

1) You are standing on the edge of a cliff, you have 2 ropes you are hanging on to. On the other end of one rope is one child, and on the other rope is another. You know you can't pull both of them up, only one. What do you do?

You know... I'm usually a pretty decisive person, but in this instance it would be tough. Also, I'd need more info - how old are the kids? Is one of them mine (yeah, yeah, they're both kids ... but it would matter)? Mostly I can picture myself standing there, holding on and yelling for help until someone came or all three of us went over the side.

2) You are invited to dinner at a co-workers house. You get there and all is going good. The meal comes out and it is something you would never eat- Possum stew, with a side of frog legs. How do you handle it?

"I'm sorry, but I'm a vegetarian." And then I'd sip my soda and have a bit of the salad or potatoes.

3) It is late at night and you are driving a hundred miles to get home. Your cell phone has no service. The road you are on is not one with lots of traffic. You break down 10 miles from home. Do you stay in your car, hoping some one will come by or walk, run the rest of the way home?

After sitting there for a minute, I'd grab my pepper spray and head out.

4) A friend asks you something that is totally against your principles. You do not want to hurt their feelings. How do you handle it?

"Totally" against my principles? No question. I'd slap them upside the head, tell them that they know me better than that, and walk away.
These (and the previous two weeks questions) would be interesting to have your characters answer. I think many of the character questionnaires are boring and not insightful enough. I like these kind much better.

I have several entries in my contest to win a book, but there's always room for more. Have YOU entered yet?


anno said...

Straight thinking, even after a sleepless night! Best wishes for a restful day (and night!).

Ceri said...

I wish I could have a peaceful day. My day is going to be filled with laundry. It totally stinks only having one day "off" a week.

Going to try to get some writing done. Have to catch up to you! My novella goal is 25k too.

grexlpje-great rabbuts enjoy xylophone lyrics piping joyously everywhere

meowminx said...

I enjoyed reading your answers for today's situation sunday :)

Meowminx :)

Helena said...

Marianne, Hi great answers. I love the colors of your blog! Shall get back and enter your contest. I love reading, and only seem to do it on my Holiday's. Luckily I have one in 2 weeks. I just started answering the meme, at the end of the day,second time answering my own Questions,lol. Also {What if you went to use your pepper spray and found it didn't work}. One question always leads to another. Have a great day! Helena

Melissa said...

Interesting question. The hardest is number one. I couldn't choose. I'd just join them over the side.

Reminds me of Sophie's Choice. Couldn't imagine seeing it now with kids. I was in college back then when it played on campus. Worst date movie in the history of the world. Totally ruined that evening for me.

Tori Lennox said...

Oh! Oh! (I feel like Horshak on Welcome Back, Kotter *g*) Question #3 happens to the heroine in the story idea I came up with a week or so ago. The one I'm not working on except for making the occasional note. Anyway, that's how she meets the vampire hero. :)

jennyr said...

that's a pretty good idea on number 2...hehehe! great answers!

Marianne Arkins said...


I'm with you... hold on until we're saved or we all go. How would you live with yourself otherwise? One lady commented that she'd let them both go... yikes.


Oh man, I loved Welcome Back, Kotter and now I have the theme song stuck in my head. Did you heroine have her pepper spray? Or was it garlic? LOL...