Thursday, April 12, 2007

Booking it Late

Last Thursday, I was so brain dead that I didn't realize I could have booked it for the blog... I did some other meme or quiz. Gah.

This morning I am not quite so brain dead (an amazing fact when you consider that my edits are killing me), and thus give you:

Where Does the Time Go?

Booking Through Thursday

Have you ever missed an important appointment because you have become so engrossed in a book you forgot the time or were up so late reading that you didn't wake up in time? Been late to work because you couldn't resist the temptation and left the house too late?

No. No,no,no,no,no.


I am utterly anal about punctuality and usually end up wherever I'm supposed to be several minutes early. I always HAVE a book. I read in the waiting room or wherever. I do stay up later than I should occasionally, and sometimes let something at home slip in order to read, but I never, never, never leave late for something.

Now... forgetting an appointment because my brain cells are getting too old to retain information? Absolutely. But that's another meme entirely :-)
My DD cracked me up yesterday and it made me realize how much what I tell her sticks in her brain (a frightening thought). Some time ago, I explained to her Anne Lamott's theory about taking one thing at a time so as not to get overwhelmed.

Yesterday, she was doing math problems on the board, and this particular type really has her frustrated:

2 qt. + 1 gal. - 12 oz. = ___ oz.

I reminded her that she needs to only focus on one conversion at a time. She grinned, looked over her shoulder and said, "Take it bird by bird, right?"

That's right.


Don't forget to go here to enter to win a book! I'll draw the name tonight, and start a new contest tomorrow, so check back!


Rhinoa said...

I always take a book with me too (even to restaurants and to places I know I won't be able to to read. It;s like having a security blanket) and even walk down the road reading as I go.

Literary Feline said...

I tend to be early for appointments too, even if not always work--I can at least say though that I am rarely, if ever late. :-)

Alice Teh said...

Hello Marianne,

You're right, our answers are almost alike... I'm so glad we have the same thoughts and habit. LOL.

Happy BTT!

groovyoldlady said...

I'm usually on time, but mu hubby likes to push the envelope.

Where did the phrase "push the envelope" come from? It sounds like a sure way to get a papercut or lose your mail.

DeN said...

I try not to blame my reading habits if ever I'm late for anything =D but I always bring my books too so I'm not entirely deprived of the pleasure of reading.

Happy BTT!

Melissa said...

I have stayed up all night to finish a book and then woken up late the next morning more than once. But it hasn't happened recently with little kids around who get up early.

I was taught to be punctual and hate to be late to anything!

Julia said...

I tend to be late no matter what appointment I have, because I been reading. I do also tend to bring my books every place I go. But like I told Alice, I hate to be early arriver anywhere....

I chuckle over your daughter comment "Take it bird by bird.." She learning from her mom *grin*

Thanks for stopping by my blog - Happy BTT !

anno said...

Writing is more dangerous for me than reading. I am constantly tempted by the notion that I am just about to find just the right word; it's hard for me to put something down when I think the magic might happen.

"Bird by bird" -- now that's great advice!

Melody said...

Hi Marianne, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm quite particular about punctuality too, and I get stressed when I'm in a rush. LOL. I like to bring some books along too if I know there will be some waiting...just to pass the time and catch up with the reading.

Happy BTT!