Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things About Chiczofrenia

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Dr. Laina Turner is visiting with me today on her virtual tour for her book "Chiczofrenia: Crazy is an Art Form". Sounds like my life!

Every comment during her tour enters you in a drawing to win a $40 Visa gift card, so make sure you not only comment here, but visit her other stops and see what she has to say.

Now, without further ado, lets find out 13 Things About "Chicozfrenia" (with comments from me in (italics):

1. Being crazy is an art form (something I practice every day!)

2. We all have a little crazy in us – it’s a good thing (thank goodness for that! I don't feel so alone in my lunacy now)

3. Women are fabulous (Yes... yes they are! I appreciate the women in my life more than I can say)

4. You CAN be superwoman (... okay, this alone is worth reading the book for, because I'd like to find out HOW)

5. You CAN say no and it won’t kill you (still working on this one -- anyone else?)

6. Compromise is good, just don’t give up yourself in the process (another something in progress -- I'm not a big fan of compromise)

7. DO have fun and enjoy what life has to offer (Okay! This one I can get behind -- who's with me?)

8. DON’T feel guilty (... because? and how? ...)

9. Surround yourself with a great group of girlfriends (YES! Best suggestion yet! Love my friends)

10. Be the best version of yourself (I am a work in progress, but I try to the best I can at even given moment)

11. Love yourself (... this is not an easy task)

12. Remember you ARE worth it (I keep telling myself that -- when do I believe it?)

13. You are stronger than you think (This one I realize, because I prove it to myself regularly)

Now an excerpt to illustrate some of these points -- doesn't the book sound fabulous?


Do you remember back when you were young and it was all about Barbie dolls and Baby Alive? If you had brothers, or even if you didn’t, there might be a Stretch Armstrong and some Hot Wheels thrown in. As young girls, we enjoyed playing house. Traditional play acting for girls and boys alike. Mimicking our parents and grandparents. Is this where we learned that we wanted to have that perfect life? Is it what all the people against Barbie and Ken were fearful of? I’m taking creative license here as I don’t know if anyone is actually against Barbie and Ken, but I think it sounds plausible. We played with the perfect Barbie, in her perfect clothes, her perfect corvette, and perfect Ken. Barbie and Ken never defaulted on their mortgage or had the corvette repossessed, and Barbie’s boobs never sagged, her butt didn’t droop. Did we feel this was how life was supposed to be? Perfect? How did you feel the first time you realized that life wasn’t going to be like Barbie and Ken living the life in the Dream House? Was it when you hit puberty and realized that you weren’t going to be 36-24-34? How did you feel? I felt cheated. Damn that fantasy.

Thanks for visiting, Laina! You can find out more about Laina at her website.



i beati said...

how would we get by without #2?I wonder

Brandy said...

All those touch points for me. Especially the saying No one.
Thanks for the excerpt. I say Barbie has a lot to answer for.
Have a good day!

Sarita said...

Great points. I especially like numbers 9 and 13.

Thanks for the excerpt!

Liz Fichera said...

Chiczofrenia! What a cool word. Very intriguing book! Thanks for sharing.

Rogue said...

I do #1 damn well! Happy T13!