Monday, February 14, 2011


Amount of time it takes for a dog to "do its business" is directly proportional to outside temperature + suitability of owner's outerwear. ~Betsy CaƱas Garmon,

Whew! What a crazy weekend -- our party had 100 authors and more than 3,000 comments. Fun and craziness abounded. I'm still a bit pooped, but ready to get back to routine.

DH has jury duty this week, so we won't *exactly* be on routine, since he leaves late and gets home early, but even so, more than we have been. DD chose the pieces she's donating to the Brenda Novak Auction this year (she's donating a set of three earrings, a necklace and a bracelet/earring set) and has also started making more new pieces and pulling some older stuff that just doesn't meet her approval now that she's getting so much better at her "job".

We did manage to take Dakota to the dog park both mornings this weekend to get her wiggles out. She had loads of fun, except when she was being beat up on. I said something to another person about Dakota being a 99 pound weakling, and they said "She's 99 pounds?" ... am I the only one who gets what I meant?

Thankfully we didn't get the snow they were predicting. It was plenty cold (our trips to the dog park only lasted 30 mins or so), but no new white stuff, for which I am eternally grateful. We're expecting a warm up this week into the 40s as well, so I'm thinking spring might actually arrive as scheduled.

I'm hoping to get caught up on reading blogs, and do a little writing today. We'll see. Depends on how focused DD will be at school -- she's been a wee bit difficult of late.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday and a great week!


You Are Warmhearted

You are a truly kind and loving person. You care for others deeply, and it's not an act.

You are one tough cookie, even though it isn't always apparent from the outside.

You have a lot of inner strength, and you can dig deep when you need to.

You are both patient and persistent. You are willing to wait for someone to come around.

About 75% right...



Dru said...

I'm loving the warmer temps here but I did hear we have a cold snap coming.

Have a great Monday.

Brandy said...

It's unseasonably warm here today and I'll be nice and not tell you the temperature. *g*
Happy Valentine's Day! I wish a wonderful day for you and yours!

You Are Loving
You have a very strong personality, and people usually totally love you or totally hate you.
You are naturally quite assertive, and whenever possible, you like to be in control.
You aspire to great things, and you are constantly learning and growing.
You have a passionate and romantic side to you that is quite intense. When you fall for someone, you fall hard.

Ummm, don't think much applies to me.

MomJane said...

You Are Well Liked
You know that you have to be a friend in order to make friends, and there's no better friend than you.
You believe in yourself and in others as well. You expect the best from people.

You tend to have many stable, deep, and loving relationships. People matter, and you put them first.
You are a ton of fun, and you love to bond with others. You don't care what you're doing... you're just happy to be with your friends.

Tori Lennox said...

I can't believe the dog park person didn't know what you meant by the weakling comment! Geez.