Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day

Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow... ~Bill Morgan, Jr.

It snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed yesterday! My DH was in heaven (said, "It needs to do this for a solid week!" -- in which case, the house would have been buried...) and DD wanted nothing more than to go outside and sled. The dog wasn't AS excited, though she enjoyed tearing around in the snow until it balled up between her toes and on her underfur.

By the end of the day we probably had around 18" -- more or less. It was hard to gauge because it was windy as well so most of the snow was drifted. But to give you an idea, day before yesterday, I had NO snow on my lawn. It was exposed grass. Last night, this was my front walkway and yard (taken through my window -- I couldn't open the door, it was buried in snow at this point):

My sliding glass door is frozen shut this morning, so I couldn't get pictures out there, and I forgot to take the camera through the garage to the other door when I took the dog out. But I'll get more today.

It was pretty crazy. But, it was the good snow: light and fluffy and easy to shovel, so I can't complain.




You Are a Cinnamon Roll

You are vibrant and outgoing. People are definitely drawn to your warm personality.

You are very sociable and friendly. You're always ready to talk or laugh with anyone.

You love to be with others, and you share freely and naturally. It bums you out to be alone.

You are just a plain old nice person. It's not an act! You have something good to say about almost everyone.




Maria Zannini said...

Wow! Beautiful...and high.

Stay warm.

Angelina Rain said...

Wow, now that is a snow day. Good luck digging yourself out of that one.

Also, I won a Stylish Blogger Award and I’m passing it down to you. Check out my blog to grab the award.

Dru said...

I'm so glad you got your snow. It look beautiful.

You Are a Muffin

You are both responsible and fun loving. You like to do the right thing, but you also like to treat yourself.

You live a busy and active life. You love to be on the go, and you want to see the whole world.

You are quirky and creative. You change things up just because you can.

You're the type of person who would make your own wacky muffins from scratch. Who says you can't have both blueberries and chocolate chips?

This is so not me. They obviously don't know me, because I wouldn't make muffins from scratch.

Have a good day.

Brandy said...

You have lots more snow that we did! The kids lamented the powdery type of snow because it wouldn't pack well for snowballs. *G* I hope your DD and DH enjoy the snow!

You Are a Croissant
You are decadent and sophisticated. You know how to find the best things in life, and you make sure to enjoy them.
You don't need a lot to be happy, and you rather save your pennies for the few things that matter.
You enjoy all that the world has to offer, as far as culture, art, and ideas go. You are very open minded.
It pains you to eat a bad meal. You think each bite should be savored, and you abhor fast food.

Hahahah! No way! Well, I'm not that fond of fast food, but every now and then pizza hits the spot. *G*

I hope you have a fabulous day!

Tori Lennox said...

That makes our two inches look pretty puny! LOL! :)