Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Saturday

The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself. Of course he wants care and shelter. You don't buy love for nothing. Like all pure creatures, cats are practical. ~William S. Burroughs

Mary sent this to me last night -- I think it's just perfect, don't you?

funny pictures of cats with captions

Anyway, the cat spent all day sleeping ... she didn't even want to eat, which surprised me. Fact is, she didn't eat for two days!! This a.m., I scooped out a pile of her canned "bland diet" and thought I'd let her eat whatever she wanted since her appetite has been off.

Her appetite isn't off anymore. I finally had to wrest the bowl from her against her VERY loud protestations.

She's back, sleeping in front of the fire. Life as we know it is back to normal.


It's warming up here. I may even take a nice long walk today as long as the wind doesn't kick up. It's in the low 40s and feels like summer. They're calling for rain here tomorrow night, and I hope they are right, because it's a LOT of rain -- and about an hour north of us has a forcast for "a massive ice storm". I really, REALLY don't want a "massive ice storm".

I think there should be two kinds of precipitation: rain and snow. That other stuff shouldn't be allowed.


You Are Mittens

You seek comfort in your life. You want to feel as warm and cozy as possible.

You are naturally nurturing and caring. And you always make sure to take care of yourself!

Winter is your time to hibernate. You love to curl up on a cold night, even if everyone else is going out.

And when you do venture out of the house, you bundle up. You want to feel as warm as possible.

Yeah.. that's about right.



MomJane said...

Glad Breann is back to her ornery self. Wish we had some sun today.

Dru said...

I'm glad Breeann is back to herself.

re quiz: I'm mittens

They are predicting heavy rains tomorrow going into Monday.

Have a good Saturday.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm glad Breann is back to her old self.

Hope you don't get an ice storm! They are so much worse than snow.

Brandy said...

So glad to hear Breeann is feeling better! I hope you get the rain. We had an ice storm a while back and lost power for a week. Not fun. I'll be keeping y'all in my thoughts.

I'm mittens.

I hope you have a pleasing day!