Friday, January 08, 2010

Brain Dead

"It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized.” — J. W. Goethe

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Spent the bulk of yesterday migrating one of the LASR reviewer groups onto Google Groups. Oy. Copying the database, making a note of anniversary dates so that I can give kudos and gifts to the folks who stick it out with us, inviting the members ... it was crazy, to say the least. And today I need to to the other two groups!

I did find the time to get my hair cut again... This time it's a LOT shorter than last time. I didn't want it *quite* this short, but I think it will work better curly at this length. We'll see the next time I wash it. For now, I had the stylist straighten it again. DD has her hair cut, too, and lots of curls put in. She looks so cute! Lately she's been wearing her hair in a headband and putting on the lip gloss she got at Christmas which has just a hint of color in it, and she looks so grown-up. Makes me want to fold her up and put her away somewhere!

RE: Dogs attacking Dakota. For some reason, this happens a lot -- she must have a vibe. The schnauzer at the end of the road (that is a nasty-tempered little dog anyway) dislikes Dakota fiercely and has nipped her on several occasions. I am happy to say that Dakota stood up for herself the last time, not biting, but growling and barking at him, something I've never seen her do. Granted she was hiding behind my legs at the time, but even so, it was a proud moment.

We have a miniature Australian Shepherd in class who likes to "herd" Dakota, and since Dakota loves to run, it's a perfect fit. However, there is another dog in there (a rescue that looks like a Golden Retriever, Husky, German Shepherd mix) who has a problem with excited dogs, so whenever the herding/running starts, she has to break it up. Poor Dakota always ends up on the floor, on her back in a bit of a daze, while the other two more alpha dogs take each other on.

And she was bitten by the Weimaraner on our street when she was a puppy -- he actually grabbed her by the skin on her back and tossed her.

What amazes me about all of this is that Dakota never thinks any dog is going to hurt her. She's not dog shy AT ALL, and even with dogs that have attacked her before (except the shar pei I mentioned yesterday -- he makes her uneasy), she's not in the least bit worried about running right back up to them. It's the oddest thing.

It's supposed to snow today. Oh. Joy.

I hear the orange crops are freezing in Florida. :-(

And now, I'm off to work on migrating group number two and fixing all the problems with group number one -- we're still missing about half our members! All fun, all the time.


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Dru said...

Good luck with your move.

Why are you moving from your groups to Google?

I heard about the orange crops; not good for future pricing.

You Are a Doll

You've always been a nurturing person, even when you were too young to nurture anyone else.

You tend to be very socially oriented. Other people matter to you, and you are very compassionate.

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Have a good Friday.

Maria Zannini said...

I wonder if Dakota was the youngest in the litter. She sounds like it, and if that's her personality there's not much you can do for it.

As she gets older she'll probably stand up for herself more, but she'll always prefer to be the non-confrontational 'baby' sister.

MomJane said...

I came out as crayon too. Doesn't really fit.

Poor Dakota, and poor you. You must feel badly for her.

Tori Lennox said...

Still, it seems to me if the shar pei's chick can't control her dog she shouldn't be taking it to agility. I may be slightly biased since we had a dog that was attacked for no reason by two other dogs once. And the owners didn't care one bit. Bastards. But payback's a bitch. They ended up in prison for "accidentally" shooting some guy during hunting season and killing him. And, yes, there was a fair amount of speculation that they shot the poor man on purpose. Gosh, I hadn't thought of that for YEARS!

Brandy said...

Poor Dakota. Sounds like she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. A good thing for a family, bad thing when dealing with bully doggies. Give her a big hug for me please.
It's always scary when our Daughters make us really look at them and we see the passage of time and wonder where it went.
Re the quiz: I am a Doll.
Um, actually, it fits. Scarily so.

Have a wonderful day!