Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Got Nuthin'

Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. ~Bill Watterson

No news today -- all the same. And, I'm still feeling under the weather, so am thinking now that I've got my LASR/WC pages up, I might go back to bed. In fact, had I not had to get them up, I wouldn't have been up at all... I'm tired. Blech. These are the days I really wish I had someone else who could do my job there. *sigh*

I did watch the new "Bones" last night. Does anyone else think it's ... icky... about Angela and Wendell? From the first kiss, I kinda went... ewww.... And Hodgins is breaking my heart. I'm not pleased with that storyline at all. Just saying.

I did love the "I won't tell anyone about the scream, if you don't tell anyone about the gun." line ... very cute. I'm glad they're letting Bones loosen up a smidge.

Okay, I'm waking up. Guess I won't go back to bed :-)

DD is discouraged that DistinctivelyDD is not selling out of her earrings on a weekly basis, lol. I'm wracking my brains trying to think of things to do to get her store out there more. I might even see if the local Agway would carry her stuff in their "New Hampshire" store. Maybe not, but it doesn't hurt to ask... and if they won't carry her stuff, maybe I could leave some business cards there. I need to find more time to see how to interact on Artfire. There are forums and stuff that help.

In the meantime, she's still trying to save up for a Nook. I told her I'd buy the cover, but she has to buy the Nook. She's about 1/3 of the way there (thanks to a friend who sent her a Barnes & Noble GC for Christmas). Yesterday, she cleaned house with me to earn a few dollars. And then, she made me a book of coupons that are actually invoices -- $1 to sweep the floor, $2 to clean out the pantry, etc. I have to admit, this is the most determined I've ever seen her. She's not one to hold on to her money ... so for her to not have spent any in the last few months is amazing.

She mentioned buying the Nook to my SIL who told her the idea was stupid. She didn't understand why you wouldn't just buy books instead. DD was very sad when she told me ... she frequently gets conflicting information from my in-laws about stuff. I told DD that the fact is, right now? She has NO more room on her bookcase. So, if she wants more books, she has to get rid of some. With a Nook, she'll never run out of room. AND, she'll have thousands of books at her fingertips.

Speaking of a Nook, I did find one drawback: when you don't pay attention to your battery level and forget to recharge when it's low, and then you read a book and get to a really exciting scene and... run out of juice. That happened to me last night. I should have known. I can't remember the last time I charged the thing. I'm such a dork. And, yes, other than that (which was really operator error), I still love the Nook.

Guess I do have something to say :-)

DH always says I never have trouble talking. However, that's it for now. Happy Saturday!


You Are Fabulously Friendly

You're nice to everyone you come across, even if they aren't being particularly nice to you.

You genuinely like others. You love your friends, and you're happiest when you're a social butterfly.

You always have a smile, joke, or kind word for someone. You're kind to everyone, even if they aren't very friendly back.

You are simply a people person. You naturally make friends with almost everyone you meet.

Uh.. no. Not even close! LOL...



Maria Zannini said...

Get back in bed or I'll send the hounds after you.

Tori Lennox said...

You had quite a bit to say for having "nuthin'" to say. :)

Dru said...

Guess what is staring at me right now, just waiting for me to open the box and play with it?

Sorry you're still not feeling well. I hope you're able to get some rest this weekend.

re quiz: You Are Fabulously Friendly so-so

Feel better soon.

Have a good Saturday.

MJFredrick said...

I'm doing my best, DD! :) Don't give up!

Diane Craver said...

Your daughter's doing great saving her money for the Nook. She's going to love it and be so proud of herself for buying it with her own hard earned money!

You better get sleep and take it easy tomorrow.

Brandy said...

I wish my kids were as determined as yours to save their money. They both just spent the last of their Christmas money. Daughter spent hers on two Percy Jackson books. One is a special edition for the first book and the other was the Percy Jackson Ultimate Guide. *g*
You are SO not the only person who doesn't like the Angel/Wendell relationship. And poor Hodgins......I feel so bad for him.

I hope you feel better soon! (I received the same answer as you and Dru for the quiz. It's 75% right.)

Feel better soon! Hugs.