Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~Theodore Roosevelt

I hate that on the one day I can sleep in all week, I never can. Why is that?

DH went to a huge Toyota 4-Wheeling thing yesterday. Yes, in the rain. He had a great time, but one of his friends (who lives in New Jersey) broke the drive shaft in his truck, and then upon returning to the campsite, discovered his tent had collapsed and his site was a big puddle.

DH called and asked if I minded if his friend stayed in our spare bedroom overnight, and then they'd go back up tomorrow and see about fixing the drive shaft. I didn't mind, but he'd called fairly late (it was after 8 o'clock), so I had to tidy the room and make it ready.

Then, when I went to bed, the neighbor's dog was barking. And barking. And barking. It sounded like our neighbors who have TWO dogs, and typically they never bark alone and they are LOUD. This was only one. So I laid there and wondered if maybe they'd gone away for the weekend and someone let ONE of the dogs out and it wanted back in. And, should I go check... or not. By this time it was after ten o'clock and I was somewhere between irritated and really worried.

Then it stopped.

And now I wonder what happened.

Dakota is pacing the house this morning. She KNOWS there is someone here she doesn't know. She sniffed his shoes for about ten minutes and she's been tracking him, nose down, all through the house. She keeps going upstairs and standing in front of the spare bedroom door. Sure as shooting, as soon as he appears, she's going to bark at him. Dork.

I spent MY day yesterday determined to clean out my "to do" boxes at LASR/WC and Goddess Fish. I worked and worked and worked. And I had everything nearly done (except two more book videos I need to make) and then WHAMM-O, a publisher sent in 17 new review requests and another sent in 7.

It was like they KNEW my inbox was empty.


Today? Well, we had planned on working on the wood pile. DH would split and DD and I would move and stack. But now with DH's friend's problems I don't know what we'll be doing.

Thank heavens tomorrow is Monday. Hurray for Monday!!

OH... DD's store is online, but I haven't put any stock into it yet. As soon as I do, I'll post the link. I took all the pictures yesterday, but didn't have a chance to get them online.

And, the person who suggested this store name has earned themselves a free book thong made by DD -- I'll announce that person when I unveil the store. *G*

I told her last night that I was going to take half of whatever came in and put it away for her to buy supplies... that I wasn't going to be buying her supplies anymore. I was just an initial investor. From here on out, it's all up to her. She wasn't thrilled, but needs to realize that she doesn't get something from nothing.

I really think this store is going to be a great life lesson, on top of being fun for her. Someone asked me once what my homeschooling schedule was. I replied that I never stopped. Everywhere I go, and everything we do offers chances to teach.


You Are Warm Apple Cider

You love to feel warm and full. You love all the small comforts that come with fall.

Unlike most people, you are as active in fall as you are in the summer. You just make sure and keep warm.

For you, fall is the perfect time of year to visit cafes or go for long walks. The season makes you feel energized.

You love the bustle of everyone being back from the summer vacation and back to work.

Not entirely -- though I would love fall if winter didn't follow it!



Ceri Hebert said...

I love fall too. I could be happy living in perpetual autumn. I'm not a hot weather person. Unfortunately winter is up next and that seems to be the longest season of the year.

Dru said...

re quiz: I'm warm apple cider and it doesn't fit me at all.

I love the beginning of fall when you see all the amazing colors.

I hope you have a good Sunday.

Brandy said...

I adore Fall. I look forward to it all year. *G* I think you're doing a good thing in teaching your Daughter, and you're right. When homeschooling, there's never a set time, you're always teaching.

Re the quiz: You love to feel cozy and content. After a summer of fun, fall is the perfect time for you to kick back.
Autumn is when you calm down and turn inward. It's the time of year that you start to slow down.
You take time to savor the season. You appreciate every falling leaf and every warm drink in your hand.
You sometimes wish it were fall all year. You try to make each moment last as long as possible.

Fall is even busier for us than any other time of year, so no I'm not able to kick back. *G* I do however wish it were Fall all year long. *G*

I hope you have a good day!

Anne-Kathrine said...

LOL Dakota is too funny. My parents packed up most of their house because they were going to move (I think they have reconsidered lol) but anyway it looks different and poor Sonja (my dumb sheltie) keeps getting lost and can't find me when Im up in the office doing some work. I keep having to go out to the landing and her up to me since she is whining and pacing lol.

I think your plan with DD's business sounds great!