Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Happy Note and a Long Night

What is a home without children? Quiet. ~Henny Youngman

The other day, I told Judy I wished my day had started out with a happy note. So, she sent me this:

It still makes me smile, and after the night I had last night I needed it.

I think I've mentioned before that my DD gets bloody noses regularly. Well... last night she did again, with a vengeance.

Midnight, 2 a.m. and again at 3:45 a.m. -- BAD bloody noses that would not stop gushing for the longest time. I tried everything we've tried before: pinching the bridge, using ice, etc., and they eventually stopped but I'm surprised she wasn't faint from blood loss (and I'm not joking or exaggerating... it was that bad).

When I talked to her doctor last April, he wasn't concerned, but this is a very real problem for us. It can happen any time, anywhere and without warning. And the past couple of years it's been getting worse ... not so much in frequency but in how much blood and how hard they are to stop.

In any case, she crashed again around 4:30, but I have things I have to do in the morning (load up the LASR/WC daily pages), so I couldn't go back to bed. I stayed up, gave the cat her medicine canned food, took out the dog for her potty break and fed her and brewed up some coffee. I've been decaffeinating myself over the past few weeks, but this morning I broke down and made half-caf.

I have a feeling this might be a really long day...


You Are Yellow

You are the brightest person the crowd, and you stand out every place you go. You are incredibly charismatic.

You are truly joyful, and people like to be close to your happiness. You have a strong, positive effect on others.

You are very memorable. A lot of people know you, even those who you haven't seen you in years remember you well.

You are often as happy as you seem, but sometimes you fake it a little bit. You know people are counting on you to lift them up... and you don't want to let them down.

Hmmm... okay....?



Maria Zannini said...

Poor DD. I used to get regular bloody noses when I was a kid.

What's really weird is that one day they just went away on their own and never came back.

My mother used to lean me back and keep a vinegar soaked pad at the bleeding nostril. It seemed to stop the bleeding faster, but to a kid it's all the same.

Hope things are better today.

Dru said...

I feel for DD. Did the doctors ever say why she gets the nosebleeds?

You Are Blue

You believe the key to living a good life is simple. Be as honest with yourself and others as possible.

You value the truth over everything else. You will remain loyal to those who are honest with you, even if their honesty hurts.

Compared to most people, you handle the truth well. You take every event in stride. You are the calm spot in a sea of chaos.

You think the solution to most problems is open communication. You wish that people would be more real with each other.

This is moderately accurate.

I hope you're able to have a relaxing day.

Have a great Thursday.

Jennifer Shirk said...

My dd gets bloody noses, too. She had a whopper one Mother's day. I thought we were going to have to go the ER because it was that bad and I couldn't control it.

The membranes need moisture, so I take a q-tip, dip it in vaseline and CAREFULLY rub up her nose with it. It's unpleasant for her but she hasn't had a bloody nose in quite a while.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey M~

I'm sorry to hear about the DD. It's never good when it's the kiddos. I hope they taper off or you find out what is going on.

I hope the day passes quickly and you get some much deserved rest!

Anonymous said...

OH no what a long night. We found out several years ago that my mom, bro and sis are all allergic to asprine and will bleed from their noses if they take it or any meds that have asprine/ibprofen in it. Might want to look into that.

My sister was so bad that the doc even tried to caterize the inside of her nose to stop the bleeding. All it did was hurt more but didn't stop the bleeding.

Good luck!

Melissa McClone said...

Cute happy note.

My son and I get nose bleeds. We get them all year long. I've done the q-tip thing with either vasiline or neosporin. The nose bleeds get worse for us in winter due to the heat in the house drying the air out. I also keep a pot of water on the stove to try and get more moisture in the air. A humidifier would probably help, but I've never gotten one.

Mine were so bad during one of my pregnancies they sent me to a ENT!

Brandy said...

The happy note is indeed cute and smile inducing. *G*
Sorry to hear about the nose bleeds. Daughter used to be the same way but outgrew them for some reason. I've had a couple in the past two weeks since we've had the heat on at night. The q-tip thing sounds like it might work. As does a humidifier. I hope everything works out for your daughter.

I also hope you have a good day despite your lack of sleep. Hugs.

Tori Lennox said...

Hugs to you and DD. I'd be sorely tempted to take all the bloody remains (I assume it gets on clothes and bedding?) to his office and SHOW him how much she's losing.