Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Busy Day

If God didn't want us to eat carbs, He wouldn't make fresh baked bread smell so good. -- Marianne Arkins

Yesterday was busy, busy... it was SO stinking cold outside I thought I would turn into an icicle. But, regardless, things had to be done, dogs walked, wood stacked (I'm beginning to think this will never end ... actually, when we're done stacking THIS wood, we have to go to our neighbor's property where he had several trees taken down over the summer and cut them into chunks and stack them out back to season so that NEXT year we can split and stack wood all over again! Woo. Hoo.) and errands run.

I also decided it was a good day for baking (and laundry, but that wasn't the fun part) and DD wanted to do it, so we made "Perfect Dinner Rolls" (made with yeast, so we had rise time) and then, when it was clear the recipe would make 30 or so, we took half the dough, rolled it out nice and thin and spread butter, cinnamon and sugar and raisins, rolled it up and cut some cinnamon rolls (which are on the top of my stove, rising, as we speak). Unfortunately, I don't have any powdered sugar to make the frosting, so will have to create my own (yes, you can do this... did you know? Just put regular, granulated sugar into your blender and turn it on -- Instant Powdered Sugar).

Today is another cold one, but hopefully the wind will die down so I can get out and plant all my new deer resistant (and therefore, hopefully VOLE resistant) bulbs. I bought some beauties including giant allium and pink ruffled daffodils. And, I have to chop down all the plants that were killed from the hard frosts we've had the past several days.

Is it April yet?


Your Best Trait is Creativity

You may seem like you're a bit flaky or flighty, but you're really just deep in thought.

You are the artistic type, no doubt. However, you are also highly analytical and logical.

You are able to solve problems in unique and interesting ways. Your ideas are unpredictable, but they always end up making sense.

You are picky and sometimes downright critical. You expect the best of yourself, but others are not prepared for your exacting standards.

Yep... pretty close again. I don't feel flaky, though. :::shrugs:::



groovyoldlady said...

I currently have guests from Kenya. I'm thinking they'd prefer to visit New England in the summer next time!

Dru said...

Your Best Trait is Persistence

You are strong willed and very stubborn. You don't give up, even when everyone else thinks you should.

You are good at selecting a goal, figuring out how to achieve, and putting your nose to the grindstone until you've got it.

You've got true grit. You may not be the richest or luckiest person you know, but you're definitely the toughest.

You are independent and always do things your own way. If people question your tactics, it only makes you more determined.

I don't know about the above.

Have a good Saturday.

MomJane said...

I smile when I read that you are baking and making powdered sugar. I guess I rubbed off a lot on you.

Sorry about the wind. The cold is bad enough, but with the wind....blech!

Ceri Hebert said...

homemade cinnamon buns sound yummy!

Stop trying to bypass November. After November you can hop to April!

Brandy said...

Wow, you've been busy! Ooh, now you're making me wonder if my yeast is still good. *G* Homemade cinnamon rolls sound delicious.
It's chilly here today and I would love to stay home but have more errands to run.

Re the quiz: You are the type of person who just goes for it. Whether you win or lose, you're always happiest when you at least tried.
You are fearless when it comes to failure. You have learned that the key to life is just showing up, so you're always there bright and early.
While you are always doing your best, you have had to let go of what others think of you. You define your own success.
You may disappoint yourself or look stupid sometimes, but you always hold your head high. You know that tomorrow will give you another opportunity to try again.

Hmm, sorta and then not. *shrugs*

I hope you have a good day! Stay warm!

Shelley Munro said...

I'm thinking we have life much easier in New Zealand - no wood stacking, no deer or voles. It has rained a lot lately though! I hope you managed to finish all that wood stacking.

Anonymous said...

The baking sounds so yummy. Nothing smells better for sure!