Saturday, July 11, 2009

I <3 Eureka

The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes. ~William Davis

Woo Hoo! Eureka was back last night and I watched it this a.m. (under orders from Judy who said she'd bust if she couldn't talk about it). I LOVE Eureka.


Started working on my new veggie garden plans yesterday... dug out about 12 inches from the front in order to plant various deer resistant plants. I was sweaty and exhausted and only got about half done.

I did find the usual pests in the dirt: wire worms, grubs, cutworms. And... I saw and killed a squash borer moth. Unfortunately, I'm sure it wasn't the only one which means... my squash plants are probably toast. I'm going to start looking for eggs -- something that will become a daily ritual -- because you can't catch the larvae on these. Immediately upon hatching, they bore into the stalk of the plant and begin to feed, eventually killing the entire plant.

I have never lived somewhere with as many pests (both four- and six-legged) as here. Most of the bugs that exist here do NOT exist west of the Mississippi. Is it any wonder I want to move? *sigh*

Today, I hope to finish digging up around the garden and then tomorrow I plant on moving the plants I have. Monday will be spent buying a few new plants: day lilies, coreopsis, and perhaps some herbs. I have chives, rosemary and marjoram but may spring for some sage and thyme to go with.

BTW -- in case you think I've forgotten to say anything... we still have no butterflies in Pillar Place: Swallowtail. My luck, they will all be overwinterers.


I did do some writing yesterday. I had to run an errand for my DH to get the seat stitched in his new-to-us car. While I sat in the waiting area, I wrote nearly 1000 words on one of my stories. It was good. Fun. I'd been thinking about the conflict and the characters over the past several days and had to go back and weave in a little different characterization for the heroine and then moved forward from there.

I love to write. I really need to make time to do it every single day.



Maria Zannini said...

You might try wrapping your stalks with a little piece of aluminum foil.

Early in the season I started to lose my squash and eggplants and I remembered this little trick. Sure enough, no more losses. They can't or won't climb the foil.

I foiled them. hahahaha!

Marianne Arkins said...

Oooh.. good idea. I'd read about wrapping them in nylon stockings, but there really isn't a lot of room on the stalk between the leaves and the fruit. I could cut foil to fit... actually, I suppose I could wrap the stalks of the leaves themselves and hope they won't walk over the foil to the main stump.

As a bonus, the shiny stuff might help keep birds away.

Tori Lennox said...

It's so good to have Jack, Allison, Jo, Zoey, Henry, Fargo & Co. back!

Dru said...

Good luck with your garden.

WTG on your word count.

Brandy said...

We love Eureka here, too! Last night's episode was great! I actually felt sort of sorry for "Sheriff Andy" at the end of the show.
I hope the foil works on your squash killers.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarita Leone said...

So glad you found time to write! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Eureka too!!! What a great show.

Yay on the writing! Good luck with your new veggie garden!