Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Good Day

Language... has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone. ~Paul Johannes Tillich, The Eternal Now

We had a pretty decent day, weather-wise, yesterday. Partly cloudy with two short but intense rainstorms. DH and DD went to the lake and stayed for the fireworks, leaving me blessedly alone. I haven't had a real "alone" day in so long I don't remember. It was wonderful. It's also amazing how much happier I feel when the sun is out.

I took walks with the dog. I took pictures of DD's chalk pictures, because she'd worked so hard, and the rain would wash them away.

I admired my echinacea that is just beginning to bloom.

I watched "P.S. I Love You" because I knew so many people really loved it ... but I didn't. I couldn't get past wondering why her dead husband had even loved her -- she was mean and nasty to him all the time and he spent every moment apologizing or groveling to her. She wasn't nice to her mother or her friends. Basically, I really did NOT like the heroine at all. So, the rest of the movie just didn't work for me. It was good in concept, and I liked the idea, but I didn't like the execution.

I also worked on the computer, of course. I even did some writing -- practice, really, more than something I would use for publishing (though one never knows what will happen). I recently had an editor tell me I needed to add more description using all the senses... that some of my writing could be much richer if I just slowed down a bit and made sure people could see, taste, touch, smell, hear what was going on.

I remember taking a class when I first joined WVU about a million years ago that concerned this very thing. We had to write a short story using all the senses. It was a challenge to write those things in without them feeling false. Fact is, we typically use sight and hearing and sometimes forget the rest.

So, yesterday I went back to school and practiced. And it was good.


In Pillar Place: Swallowtail we have one more pillar making her pupa (Fiona). I had her make it in the small box with the lid, because I'm worried she and Greg (our last pillar) are over-winterers. If they aren't, fine... that box works for them either way. But the bigger one without the lid would NOT work.

I hope they aren't going to over winter. *sigh*

No monarch eggs yet. I wonder if they weren't able to fly up here due to the lousy weather. Will keep you posted. Monarchs are so much easier than swallowtail to raise.



MJFredrick said...

Pretty drawings!

You know, you're right about the heroine of PS I LOVE YOU. I got past that by, well, I'm shallow, you know. In the book, she wasn't nasty, but she did cut herself off from her friends like that.

Allie Boniface said...

I remember that WVU lesson too!

MomJane said...

I have never seen that movie. Doesn't sound like I missed anything. Glad you had a day to yourself.

Tori Lennox said...

I never much liked what I saw in the ads for PS, I Love You. Glad I gave it a miss.

Love DD's chalk drawings!!!

Dru said...

PS, I Love You didn't look like a movie I wanted to see.

I wondered if you were alone yesterday. Are DH and DD back on the boat?

I hope the remaining swallowtail, Greg, makes his pupa soon.

hey, my word verfication was grand, so

Have a grand Sunday.

Brandy said...

The book was really good. Because I read the book first I had no desire to see the movie. In the book her grief is palpable and you understand why she cuts herself off from everyone. I alternately cried and smiled reading the book.
Glad you had such a good time yesterday! Your Daughter's chalk drawings are gorgeous!

I hope you have a pleasant Sunday!

Keri Mikulski said...

Happy fourth!

I couldn't get through PS I Love You - too sad.

I like the five senses idea.. I'm going to try it out.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

The way you felt about the heroine of P.S. I love You (which I didn't see) reminded me of the protag in Eat, Pray, Love (which I didn't finish). She just wasn't my cup of tea.

I'm glad you got that "back to school" time.

DD's pictures are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Love the drawing! I really didn't want to see that movie from the ads so it looks like I didn't miss much lol.

Good luck with the writing :)