Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Odd Thought...

In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. - Douglas Adams

Had to use that quote because it made me giggle -- but it has nothing much to do with my post. *G*

One of my many ongoing WIPs features a rat as pet and strong secondary character. Yes, really.

Anyway, at the end of the story, I have something happen that causes the H/H much strife, but the only way it CAN happen is if the rat eats a note. And, yes, that is easy enough, but neither of them can SEE him eat the note, so how does the reader know what has happened? It's been bugging me for YEARS. Yes, that's how long this story has been hanging around, lol.

Recently, LASR reviewed a number of stories in which an animal had a POV part. Seemed kind of odd, but got me to thinking: should my rat (who becomes rather integral as a matchmaker) have a POV part? Would that be off-putting to a potential publisher or reader, or is it quirky enough to appeal?

I love this story, but two things have really messed with my ability to write it: Jed's injury and this eating-of-the-note problem.

What do you think? Animal POV: yes or no?


We're going to start doing writing prompts and challenges at the JaNoWriMo blog. The enthusiasm has waned a bit, and I thought this might stir things up a little. Feel free to stop by if you'd like. Feel free to play. And, heck, if you want to join the blog as a member, let me know. We need to build up the excited membership over there.


Today is supposed to be a little cooler, so I'm going to take a few hours and do some gardening and clean-up. Weeds need pulling, mulch needs laying, edging needs doing...hopefully it will be sunny and maybe a little breezy to help keep the bugs away. They seem to be worse than usual this year. Anyone else in the New England area think the same?


You Are The Brain

You're the type of person who's always on, always churning.

You are alert and quick to react. You like to stay busy.

You are responsible but also demanding. You take up a lot of energy.

You are someone of deep mystery. There's a lot below the surface that's hard to figure out.

Yep.. that's pretty right on! LOL...



Ceri Hebert said...

Personally I don't know if the pet POV would work for me. I guess it depends on how it's done. Maybe I feel this way because I've never read any stories where there's a PPOV.

I love a good writing challenge, so I'm up for it. My enthusiasm hasn't waned a bit. I still keep my number count up to date, but I'm not posting much on blogs (my blog included).

Haven't weeded yet. Going to have to replace some Romaine lettuce that didn't survive the frost and we have to adjust the climbing structure for our peas because it isn't big enough. Today would be a good day. But right now I'm very into my new wip.

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: notes
Don't rodents generally leave bits and pieces behind? They don't eat every little bit and you can't mistake rat chew marks on paper.

I say leave a paper trail. lol.

Dru said...

Animal POV - not sure, it would depend on how it is written/done.

You Are The Liver

You are a very versatile, adept person. You are able to do many jobs.

You seek balance at all times. You are good at adjusting yourself to keep things level.

You are able to counteract bad influences. You can neutralize anything toxic.

You are resilient like no one else. You can rebuild yourself completely if you need to.
That's me.

MomJane said...

I, personally, would love to have a ppov, but I don't know how the general public would go for it. You could have it could leave little rat tracks and pieces of paper with only one word left to read.

Tori Lennox said...

Two of my favorite mystery series have pet POVs. Carole Nelson Douglas's Midnight Louie series and Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy series.

Brandy said...

I like the paper trail idea. It's going to be hard for a regular reader to sympathize with a rat's point of view.
Have fun today, bugs here are already getting bad, too.

I hope you have a pleasant day!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Are you doing 1st or 3rd? I don't think I'd like a pet POV in 1st, but I've seen it work in 3rd. My mystery series has guinea pigs in a prominent role.

But they don't get to share their (very little) brains. ;-)