Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Meme and MP3 Player Giveaway

Education would be much more effective if its purpose was to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl should know how much they do not know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it. ~William Haley

1. What was your favorite subject in grade school? Why did you enjoy this subject so much? What was your favorite part about this subject?

Does basketball count? LOL... seriously, I loved school, so it's hard to choose. Probably English (which is called "language arts" now for whatever reason -- was there something wrong with calling it English?). I imagine I loved the subject partly because it was easy for me and partly because I just love words. Grammar interests me. Reading was usually incorporated in the subject (in grade school at least) as well as writing (I had my first writing prompt in sixth grade -- my teach had one of those boxes where you choose a card with a first line...) and, to be honest, I'm a bit of a grammar geek. I'm not perfect, but I really enjoy grammar (and all the goofy rules that go along with it).

2. Tell me about your best friend in grade school. Do you still keep in touch? If not, why did the friendship dissolve?

Um... Janet Saling. We stayed friends into adulthood, but in our twenties, just slowly lost touch. I tried to find her a few years ago, and still look for her now and then on or Facebook. Hey, Janet... if you're out there, drop me a line!

Janet was one constant in my life from fourth grade at Pioneer school on. We moved a lot, and I attended several schools, but we stayed in touch. I remember when I was returning to Pioneer school after a few years away (the middle of seventh grade, because we never seemed to move at the beginning of a school year -- so, not only was I always the "new kid" I had to figure out how to fit in mid-year after all the other "new kids" already found their niche). I was so nervous, changing schools in junior high ... my folks dropped me off for the first day, and -- standing out in front, waiting -- was Janet. I hadn't been in touch with her for a while, but she'd heard through the grapevine (Pioneer was a VERY tiny school in a VERY tiny town with a BIG grapevine) that I was returning, so she wanted to welcome me back.

A good memory. I hope she's happy, wherever she is.

3. Do you remember your first day of school? If not your very first day, then please tell us about the earliest memory of your first day of school - how did you feel? What did you wear? Did it take long for you to make new friends? Do you remember anything about the classroom or the teacher?

I don't remember kindergarten. I skipped first grade, so my first memories are of second grade. Mrs. Butler was my teacher. I don't remember school, but I do remember recess and how ALL the girls thought Darin Reynolds was s-o-o-o-o-o cute. We used to chase him up to the monkey bars (there were two sets: one for girls, one for boys, so he could be safe). Poor kid. He probably never enjoyed a recess because he was always being chased by a gaggle of girls! LOL...

Otherwise, to be honest, I have few memories of school until fourth grade, for whatever reason. ::shrugs:: I have lots of memories of that time, just not of school. Guess it didn't make a huge impression on me!

4. Let’s jump to middle school. What were your middle school years like? Did you have a lot of friends? Did you adjust quickly or slowly to the change from grade school? What was your favorite subject in middle school?

Middle school... that's what, sixth, seventh, eighth? See, when I was young we had elementary, junior high and high school. And, I homeschool my DD, so the new terms confuse me.

Um... As noted previously, we moved a lot. I went to fifth grade at Pioneer, sixth at Sierra School, started seventh at Mitchell Jr. High, switched mid-year to Pioneer, started eight grade at Pioneer, switched mid-year BACK to Mitchell, started ninth grade at El Dorado High School, switched mid-year to Mills Jr. High (they did 7-8-9 and was I ever annoyed at ending up BACK in junior high) ...

Anyway, you get the idea.

Thankfully, most of the schools were in the same general area, so I could usually find someone I knew -- until I hit Mills Jr. High, which is another story and NOT middle school, so I'll leave it be.

I don't really recall suffering through any adjustment. Even in fifth grade, we used to switch classes for electives and stuff, so the changing classes thing never bothered me. I suspect that the fact I changed schools so much made it easier for me to deal with the other changes that came along. I never really got settled into a routine, so I just went with the flow.

I had lots of people I hung out with, and getting along was never an issue for me, but I also seldom developed deep friendships -- because I only knew people for a year or less before we moved. Unfortunately, this little quirk seems to have followed me into adulthood, where I know LOTS of people, but have deep friendships with very, very few.

Tell me about your school memories.


Karen, who hosts the Monday Morning Meme is having a Bloggy Giveaway on her blog -- she's giving away an MP3 player! It's easy to enter, all you have to do is comment (daily if you'd like).

The link to the contest info is here.


We at JaNoWriMo are going to continue on with our writing group -- the rules will be changing a bit, but the big thing is that the "ja" in JaNoWriMo can't stand for "January" anymore. And, we're not writing a novel in a month. But, I don't want to change the link, so I'm looking for help. What ELSE can JaNoWriMo stand for?

Ja = ?
No = ?
Wri = ?
Mo = ?


Anyone, anyone?

Please? I'm desperate....


Your Expression Number is 6

You have an outstanding sense of responsibility, love, and balance.
You are helpful and inclined to comfort those in need.
You have many artistic and creative talents, but you only use them to better others.

You are loving, friendly, and appreciative of others.
You have a depth of understanding that produces much kindness and generosity.
Openness and honesty are apparent in your approach to all relationships.

Sometimes, you can be too demanding of yourself.
At times, you tend to sacrifice yourself for the welfare of others.
At other times, you have trouble distinguishing between helping and interfering.

Um... a lot is true, but not all of that. Interesting...



Ceri Hebert said...

Your Expression Number is 4

Practical and down to earth - everything in your life is organized.
You are a great writer and teacher. You never forget a detail.
Very patient, you have the ability to cultivate talents in difficult fields.

You also tend to have an artistic side. You'd make a great architect or classical musician.
You face your responsibilities with a positive attitude - and you always get things done.
You are serious, sincere, honest, and faithful.

Sometimes your strong sense of responsibility leads to frustration.
You also tend to develop strong likes and dislikes, which border on dogmatism.
At you're worst, you can be a dominant disciplinarian.

This is so NOT me! I'm the anti 4 in some of those things.

Ah school, I'm so glad it's over. I had only a handful of really good friends. I only keep in touch with one of them on a regular basis but our lives are so different that they don't mesh too well but she's still my best friend. I loved English and history, hated math and science. Hated gym class because I was/am hopeless at anything athletic (except horseback riding, and that wasn't an option).

I was thrilled to leave it all behind.

Sue said...

I too occasionally look for an old school chum on Facebook etc, but have not had any luck.

In grade school I loved English, and art.

Happy Monday! I played this week too :)

Dru said...

We were one of the lucky families to be bussed to a school outside our district. I loved my elementary school education for the simple fact that I knew there was more to life than what I saw in my neighborhood and I knew that is not where I wanted to be.

In my seventh grade, I went to a new school (we moved) and it was there that I had my unrequited
first teacher crush.

My favorite class was math, art and music. I hated home ec.

Your Expression Number is 7

Very intelligent, you are usually thinking, introspecting, or analyzing.

You have a good mind, and you are especially good at finding out the truth.

Very little ever escapes your observation and deep understanding.

You tend to obsess over wisdom and hidden truths.

You are likely to become a authority on any subject you undertake.

Operating on a different wavelength, most people don't know you that well.

Very logical and rational, at times you tend to lack emotion.

So much so, that you often have times coping with emotional situations.

You are not very adaptable - you may tend to be overly critical at times.

There's some aspect of me, but not all.

Judy said...

They SAY my number is 8....

Driven and ambitious, you have the potential to reach great things.
You're both good with money and good at getting things done quickly.
You are an excellent leader and a great judge of character.

Full of energy and confidence, you undertake projects that seem impossible.
Dependable and determined, you are able to understand the bigger picture.
Even if you are not in a position of power right now, it will fall to you.

At times, you can be very materialistic - and obsessed with status and power.
While this isn't always a bad thing, you sometimes take it to the extreme.
In order to be truly happy, you must balance the material and spiritual in your life.

Hmmmm... I don't think so....

Now.. if you add the 'e' to my last name that I think should have always been there... I get a 6.

So.. what do you think? 8 or 6? Which is more like me?

Jodi said...

You skipped 1st grade?

groovyoldlady said...

Your Expression Number is 2

A mediator and peacemaker, you get along well with others.
You light up in group situations, but struggle when you're alone.
Modest and understated, you accomplish more than you give yourself credit for.

Cooperative, courteous, and considerate are words people use to describe you.
You know how to handle anyone, no matter how much of a pain they might be.
Tactful and friendly, nearly everyone who knows you admires you.

Sometimes you are overly sensitive and easily hurt.
When you get too sensitive, you can become shy and uncertain.
At your worst, you can be apathetic and withdrawn.

Well, I'm just fine being by myself and I'm NOT easily offended or overly sensitive, but the rest is fairly accurate.

Ja = Ja (as in Ya or, more correctly, You)
No= Know
Wri =Writing (duh)
Mo = Month

JaNoWriMo is "Ja know, Writing for a Month".

Oh...School memories. Too many to post here, but it would make a great blog series. Thanks for the idea!

Brandy said...

English has always been my favorite subject. Even when they made us read Call of the Wild. *G*
Mr. Pell in HS, was my most favorite English teacher. He said that the word 'great' was the most overused adjective, so he had a jar in his classroom and ever time someone used the word they had to place a quarter in the jar. *G*
Other than that I hated HS, you weren't encouraged to be a free thinker or to have your own opinions.

Amy said...


Ah, school days, school days....When I was in SoCal it was Jr. High, but it Texas and Oregon, it was Middle School. Weird. Maybe it's a regional thing?

Keri Mikulski said...

Happy Monday!

You skipped first grade? Impressive! :)

I went to school because of sports! ;) My fave subjects - gym and English.. Surprised? :)

Melissa said...

Jazzed/Jazzy Novelists Writing Month