Saturday, January 10, 2009

CAPA and Rambles

Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning? ~Coleman Cox

So, I was tickled to discover that "Kitchen Matches" was a TRS CAPA Nominee in the contemporary category, and "Miles From You" was a nominee in the Psyche category this year. I even got my official badge whoosie:

There's no voting from you guys -- it's all internal on their part, which I really like (less chance of making it a ballot-stuffing, popularity contest -- more chances of the results actually being at least somewhat legit).

But I was really amazed to see my name there -- especially when, out of all their reviews they selected KM as one of only 13 in the contemporary category.



There's another big snowstorm coming in later on today. Can I just say how truly thrilled I am by that news? May can't get here soon enough. I'm ready to move to Hawaii. Anyone want to come?


Not much else to say. It was a quiet day here yesterday. My body feels as though it's being weighed down by 100 pound weights, and I'm usually tired. I think this whole never sleeping an entire night thing is really catching up with me ... sounds like a good day for a nap. Although, is there ever a BAD day for one?


You Look Like an Aquarius

It's likely that you are very striking. You stand out in a room.

You are probably also taller than average, and that also helps you get noticed.

You have classical facial features... what some might call a handsome face.

You have are attractive in a cool way. You're so attractive, it's intimidating.

Like most Aquarius people, you are probably extremely independent... both in your thoughts and actions.

You find other people fascinating, and you develop deep, long lasting friendships.

Hmmm.... much of that is correct (especially the "so attractive, it's intimidating" part... are you guys intimidated?). But I'm not an Aquarius.



Ceri Hebert said...

You Look Like an Aries

It's likely that you have a lean and strong body.
Your facial features are uniquely beautiful, and you may have a scar or beauty mark.

You have good posture, and you carry yourself with an air of confidence.
You have a strong, steady gaze. You eyes are often issuing a challenge.

Like most Aries people, you probably very energetic and enjoy it when someone challenges you.
You expect the best from people, and you believe in them. You are willing to take a risk on someone.

That's me not in the least.

Congrats and good luck on the nominations!! When will you know?

I'll move to Hawaii with you! I'm so tired of this weather, especially when it hits on both (or should I saw all three) occasions that I have to drive to Boston. I'm not amused.

Hope you have a good writing day!

Dru said...

Congrats on the nomination! When is the final judging?

You know I'm still waiting for my first snow storm and I hope we get it today so we can be done with it.

They said it would start at 7am, but so far I don't see nary a snowflake.

You Look Like a Cancer

It's likely you have a bit of a baby face. People think you're younger than you are.

You have prominent cheeks and a very expressive jaw. You usually have a big smile.

Your feet and hands tend to be a bit small compared to the rest of you. Not that the rest of you is all that big. You're probably a bit shorter than average.

Like most Cancer people, you are probably incredibly compassionate and kind. You have a big heart.

You are also shrewd, intuitive, and wise. No one's going to take advantage of you.

Some parts of this is true, perhaps I have Cancer rising.

Have a good Saturday and I hope you don't get as much snow as is predicted.

MomJane said...

Well, okay,they have found me out. I am in fact, a Leo. However, the slim body is no longer applicable. I am working on it right now. Wish me luck. 6 pounds off so far.

You Look Like a Leo

It's likely that you have great hair. No matter what the style is, it's the first thing people notice about you.
Your hair tends to be a great color naturally, and it's likely you even get highlights from the sun.

Overall, your body is slim and graceful. You seem comfortable in your skin.
Your body is well proportioned. No part of you is unusually big or smile.

Like most Leo people, you are probably lively, interesting, and fun loving.
You are a good friend. You are naturally generous and hospitable.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congratulations, Marianne! We're experiencing said storm as I write this and sure, I'll join you for HI any day!

No sleep can, indeed, take a toll on you - I hope you can rectify that sooner, rather than later.

Meg Allison said...

Congrats on the nomination, Marianne! Best of luck! :)