Monday, August 25, 2008

Shhh.... Writer At Work

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. ~Carl Sandberg

The dog woke me up very, very early this morning. I've managed to get all of my LASR work done, and still have nearly an hour before anyone else awakens.

So, I hope you'll forgive me when I ditch the blog writing for my fiction writing.

Just a quick meme:

1. What are you up to today? Be specific. We’ve talked about your morning routine before, now walk us through a typical Monday for you after breakfast is over. How do you feel about Mondays? A fresh start to your week? Or do you dread the drudge of getting back to the same old routine?

I love Monday's. DH goes back to work, DD goes to school (well, she's homeschooled, but... she "does" school) and I get my routine back. There isn't any such thing as a typical Monday, though. Today? I'll take the dog for a long walk first thing. I'll probably run to the middle school, because the recycle containers are there today and my recycle bins are full (No curb-side recycling here... it's a pain). DD will do school. We'll break for lunch and another walk. I'll work on the LASR site, and my writing, and probaby do some housework. ::shrugs::

2. Earworms - we all get them from time-to-time. What tune do you have stuck in your head at the moment? How important is music to your life? List some of your favorite songs - and I’m talking about songs that evoke a strong emotion in you; joy, anger, sadness, etc. Do you have one particular song that brings back a certain time period in your life? What is the song and what is the time period?

Didn't have anything in my head until I read this question. I have a couple of songs I CAN NOT stand because they run circles in my head when I hear them. One is "Feliz Navidad", probably because it's the same oh... twenty words... over and over and over.

Last week it was the title song from "Okalahoma". And for your listening enjoyment, here is Hugh Jackman and friends to sing it for you, so you can have an earworm:

3. Who have you needed to say thank you to lately? Who is this person and what did he/she do to prompt a thank you?

Judy, always. And Chris. And Michele. And, most recently, Allie. These are the ladies who help LASR stay on track.

My mom. Just cuz. My DD for her hugs and unconditional love.

I'm sure there are more, but it's early.

4. How many candles will be on your birthday cake this next birthday? What do you think about the age you are now? Are you comfortable with what you’ve accomplished in life so far? Or do you wish you could have achieved more? You’re being granted one birthday wish - what is it?

I'll be 42. It's hard to believe. I still feel 20 in my head. Of COURSE there is more I wish I had achieved. More success writing and earlier. I wish I'd finished college. I wish I'd pursued my acting. I wish I'd .... but the fact is -- wishing won't make it so. I'll just go forward from here instead.



Ceri said...

wow... I just turned 42 (well, last Nov), I technically didn't finish college (got an associates degree instead of a bachelors) and I was in there for theatre. And now I'm writing. Strange.

BUT I prefer the Patrick Wilson version of Curly in Oklahoma.

And I'm thinking I need a dog so I can have an excuse to get out and walk every day.

Sue said...

I will be 42 in January :) Our Monday morning sound quite similar. I enjoy getting back into routine too :) Nice getting to know you better and have a great week ahead! I played too, stop by if you have a moment :)

Jodi said...

I am a year behind you. Have a great Monday!

Sarita Leone said...

Love the quote. And so glad you've carved a bit of writing time out of the day already! Nice.

Have a good one! :)

Melissa said...

Yeah on the writing! I got up with the dog this morning and didn't go back to bed so I could catch up on blogging and start my day when the kids wake up ahead.

And hey, I'll be 44 very soon and I truly believe what Dara Torres said about dreams don't have an age limit!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Wow, Hugh Jackman on a Monday morning! What a way to start the week! Happy writing session.

Diane Craver said...

You're amazing and have accomplished so much. I'm 58 and disappointed I don't have more success as a writer but I'm thinking positive that will improve. :)

My Monday isn't routine any longer. Hubby is retired so life is different but nice.

Have a great week!