Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Bit of This, and Some of That

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek." — Mario Andretti

Okay... everyone's been gabbing about the Olympics, and I haven't joined in much because, to be honest, all the really good stuff is on late and I can't stay up, and I am far too busy to spend too much time watching ANY television.


I have been watching women's beach volleyball. It's on right as my DH gets home and DD goes to sleep and before I hit the hay. And WOW(!!) is our team amazing. I played volleyball (and basketball... but that's a different story) in school and I know how hard it is to keep an entire court covered with a full team. That TWO people can do it, and so efficiently, is truly amazing.

Fact is, they're willing to do just about anything to win. Dive face first into the sand, and then pop right back up to spike the ball, for instance. Last night I watched the best match yet. They really earned some of those points... running, falling, throwing themselves at the ball with a single-mindedness that I found truly amazing.

What a life lesson that is. If we all live-life with that kind of passion, wouldn't the world be a truly incredible place? Sometimes I find it difficult to wrap my brain around the dedication that is required for these athletes to succeed as they have. It's inspiring.


Speaking of single-mindedness... you should have seen Dakota trying to catch a chipmunk for the first time. It went to ground, as any smart chippie would when pursued by a loopy-looking dog, but Dakota was not deterred.

She circled.

She whined.

She stuck her nose in the hole (she does this to pretty much every hole she finds, and one of these days, something is going to give her a nip).

She wagged her tail.

It took her well over half an hour to even THINK about digging. Of course, that thought was nipped in the bud by the Chipmunk Exposure Party Pooper -- Me.

Still, it did keep her busy, and mostly out of trouble long enough for DD and I to week the mulch around her swingset (while avoiding a frantic mass egg move by the ants who live there and who were certain we were out to get them ... aren't ants fascinating? Another subject for another time).


One of my squash plants just up and died yesterday. For no apparent reason, and completely without warning. I am particularly sad because it was peppered with a whole bunch of baby squash.

I'm not sure when corn is ready to pick. I don't want to pick it too soon -- you don't get another chance with corn. What you see is what you get.

One of my potato plants lost all of its leaves. I'm thinking that's not a good thing. I'll let DD go in and dig up any potatoes it may have hiding under the ground. She loves doing that -- it's like digging for gold.


You Are a Pistachio

You are funky, freaky, and a total character.

You're very different than anyone you know.

There's no way you're changing the way you are...

Which is good, because no one wants you to change.

Hmmm.... I'm thinking, No.



Judy Thomas said...

They say I'm a cashew:

You are laid back, friendly, and easy going.
Compared to most people, you have a very mild temperament.
You blend in well. You're often the last person to get noticed.
But whenever you're gone, people seem to notice right away!

Okay... I'll take that one :-)

keri mikulski :) said...

So true about the dedication. The athletes do such amazing things. I'm off to check out the nut quiz. :)

MomJane said...

I'm a Cashew also. See Judy above. I don't know if it fits. A little maybe.

Melissa said...

The volleyball has been fun to watch! Sorry to hear about your squash plant.

Amy said...

I'm just glad May switched to a different color of tape. That black looked like a big, hairy spider sitting on her shoulder.

LOL on Dd and the Chipmunk adventure.

Bummer on the squash plant. I've never had goo luck with squash once the fruit develops. Not sure why.

Dru said...

I'm so impressed with the sportsmanshp of our players and their dedication to their sports.

Sorry about your squash plant.

You Are a Walnut

You are down to earth and genuine.

Responsible and practical, you are a grown up in all aspects of your life.

You probably eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise.

And while you're not wild, you're not boring either.

You're actually very deep and interesting.


Brandy said...

I'm a cashew. Which I don't really eat. *G*
Sorry to hear about the squash plant, ours did that a few weeks after we planted it. No amount of babying it made it revive.
Dd is hilrious! It took her that long to try to dig? HAHAHA!

Have a wonderful day!

Tori Lennox said...

Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor are amazing!!!

groovyoldlady said...

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"People with that much dedication usually have sand in their mouths."