Saturday, August 16, 2008

Monday Meme-ing on Saturday

I tell you everything that is really nothing, and nothing of what is everything, do not be fooled by what I am saying. Please listen carefully and try to hear what I am not saying. ~Charles C. Finn

Stolen shamelessly from Anno:

What I'm reading: "One Night In Boston" by Allie Boniface -- now that I finally FOUND the blasted thing -- I couldn't find it when I met Allie, so couldn't get it autographed... took me a few days, but I did locate it in my massive piles of books and papers, and now must wait until the next time I see Allie. Unless I lose it again) and "You, On A Diet" (again... to remind myself how I should be eating).

What I'm eating: Nothing, yet ... I'm waiting until DD and DH leave to go boating so I can make some squash pancakes for breakfast. Yum.

What I'm drinking: Coffee with chocolate soy milk.

What I'm watching: The screen on my computer, and occasionally the blue jays chasing off all the other birds on my feeders, even though they are too big to eat from them.

What I'm listening to: DD sniffling on the couch -- seems she finally has allergies, the clack of my computer keys, and the birds outside (I think I would dislike the blue jays less if they had a prettier voice).

What I have scheduled in the week ahead of me: nothing much, thankfully: doggy class (we're doing our best to get Dd certified as a Canine Good Citizen... I'm having serious doubts), school for DD, and I want to get DD signed up for art lessons at a nearby gallery (they offer them for homeschoolers, so I can do the lesson during the day!). I imagine we'll probably go to the library at least once, and to the store.

What I'm feeling: Overwhelmed. I have far too much too do -- and it's to the point where I waste time trying to figure out what I should tackle first!

What I want: More time, and better focus. I miss writing... to the point where severe depression is beginning to seep in to my bones. I have some things completed, but not submitted, because they are waiting for at least a second set of eyeballs. Unfortunately, those eyeballs are as busy as mine. I also want to move. I don't want to stay here for another winter... but short of a miracle, I will be. I want my DD to be happy and make more friends -- friends who actually have time to play now and then (why do people schedule their kids so tightly that they have no down time at all?). I want a dog who behaves and a garden that produces more tomatoes than I can eat. I want to see my mom again, and my friends who live across country. Oh... and world peace.


Happy Weekend! Any plans?



anno said...

Oh, Marianne, it sounds like you desperately need this day to yourself. Sending you many, many hugs (and whatever comfort Internet cheer can offer).

Also, some unsolicited advice: Finish your coffee. Then step away from that computer and go for a long walk. Don't miss whatever break in the endless rain is making it possible for your DH and DD to go boating. When you return, clear everything else from your desk (and mind) and write. Take care of your self, and the other stuff will follow.

Have a great weekend -- more hugs!

Sarita Leone said...

What Anno said. *G*

And a big hug from me.

We've been loving having my dad with us. The days are flying by too quickly but they're all fantastic. And taking a break from this computer isn't bad, either. My wrists have been bugging me so they're getting a chance to recover--hopefully!

Take care. I hope you have a great weekend.

More hugs. *BG*

Dru said...

oh Marianne! Anno's suggestion is perfect. Please take some time for yourself. {{{Marianne}}}

Diane Craver said...

Hope you get to relax today.

I lose books too but sometimes I find them in daughter Emily's bedroom. You'll love One Night in Boston. Jack Major is a guy you'll fall in love with!

Melissa said...

Hugs, Marianne!

Tori Lennox said...

How are they going boating? I thought the DH's boat died...

groovyoldlady said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel, except about the moving part. What I want is to stay here until they haul me off to the nursing home. I tried to plant a seed in Mulletman's mind that he could take the girls camping AND LEAVE ME HOME ALONE FOR THREE DAYS, but he isn't biting.

Brandy said...

Aw, Marianne HUGS! I hope you do take time for yourself.
As for over-scheduling kids, I don't get that either. Too bad you don't live closer, my kids would love another homeschooler to play with!
Again, HUGS!

Brandy said...
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Amy said...


It sounds like things are getting out of balance for you. I hope you can find breath and space and just take some time for yourself and your writing, because it sounds like you really do miss it.

And I hope the rain stops so DH and DD can LEAVE for a while.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Marianne, I hope it was a good day. It sounds like you really need some breathing space.

Are there any home school coops in your area? Even if you need to (and can afford to) drive a bit? That was the savior for C, because yes, these children ARE way too overscheduled.

Also, I know you want to be back on the West Coast, but remember how crazy the homeschooling laws are in CA now.

Huge, huge hugs.