Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Quick Note to Respond to your Comments

Hey all... yes, it's guest blogger day again, so just a quick post. And FYI... in case you didn't catch it, there was just a *hint* of sarcasm in yesterday's post *G*.

Dena said...
That tick is creepy, you sure are surrounded by some creepy bugs,cowbird,cutworms? Never heard of them.

Cowbirds are BAD birds. They lay their eggs in any available nest, kick out the right eggs and then play the year away instead of raising chicks, leaving that duty to the foster parents who have no idea their own children are gone.

Cutworms are equally bad, and can completely wipe out plants from dirt level. We lost an entire row of bushes one year to cut worms. They inexplicably died and when I went to dig them up, a slight tug was all it took -- the roots were GONE.

Amy Addison said...
This is why I adore you: You say things like, "I guess I'd better start pulling my bird-feeders in at night so the bear doesn't grab them" and you're excited by the appearance of a tick (ticks creep me out--they're like subversive little spiders) though those are everyday thoughts. :)

You mean they AREN'T everyday thoughts? LOL... they are here. Living at my house with the woods behind us is an adventure. Yesterday, I'd taken the dog out, stepped down from the deck and heard a galloping sound behind me. I thought, "Uh oh, neighbor's dog." when about a foot away, a squirrel dashed by for a tree. I had no idea they made so much noise when they ran. And, I am truly pleased he didn't mistake ME for a tree!

groovyoldlady said...(in part)
I took the quiz and they said that I was braindead. I just don't get it!

Hey. I joined Scriptfrenzy for April. Goal? 100 pages of any sort of script.

LOL... you crack me up, as always! And, hey--what about Jason???

Sylvia Dickey Smith said...
Sounds like you're just full of fun Spring ewe's. That and dog poop! It was in the high 80's here today. Ok, I'll shut up bragging!

Uh.. yeah... no sharing your happy southern weather, Syl!!

Have a great day, all!


groovyoldlady said...

Jason has decided to try his hand at scriptwriting, much to the disgust of Sarah who wanted sympathy, but only got to read his lame writing attempts. Hopefully Sarah won't go off the deep end as a result...

Dena said...

I think the cowbird should be re-named lazybird or Killerbird! There so rude!