Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Meme and More!

I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it. ~Charles Schulz

Worked like crazy yesterday... mostly on the website. I'd had big plans to garden but it ended up being COLD here. Dang it. Windy, too. I did get out with the dog a few times, all bundled up (warm coat, ear muffs... grrr... It's APRIL already), but mostly, I took the opportunity to work on my computer stuff.

I had a lot of work to do on the LASR site. We're now offering a limited number of author pages! I'm excited. Any chance to get a persons name out there and in front of a reader (and, honestly, we have about a 50/50 mix of readers vs. writers who come to the site, based on the emails we get) is a good thing. But, I'm not a visual person, so to figure out how to create something that has to LOOK good is very time consuming for me.

Because I'm running late this morning, tho, I'll give you a meme:

April 14th Questions:

1. If you had one week to do anything you wanted, unlimited means to do so, what are some of the things you would try to do?

Visit my mom. Visit my friend, Cathy. Both of them are in California -- how convenient is that? Take my DD to Disney World. Get a daily massage (maybe twice daily). Take the private jet to visit all of my online friends.

Probably this would take longer than a week. I think I'd need a time machine, too.

2. What’s the last thing you bought for yourself? Do you buy yourself things very often? If you were rich, would you buy yourself things more often? Why or why not?

A pair of jeans. I seldom buy things for myself...I feel strangely guilty spending money on myself. I imagine I would spend more on myself if I was very rich, BUT... I can remember the one time I received a windfall and I spent it all on other people. I had so much fun! It was right around Christmas, and I let myself buy what I WANTED to buy for everyone, regardless of price, instead of what I could afford. It was truly one of the best times I've ever had.

3. When was the last time you sang? What did you sing? Do you ever sing in front of people? Why or why not? Does your significant other sing well? If you were (are) a good singer and it was financially within your means to do so, would you ever consider auditioning for American Idol?

I sing all the time! I love to sing. I sing walking down the street, in my car, in my house...I've even been known to break into song in public. People don't like it, they can go away. I was in drama and choir my whole life, so don't get squeamish performing in front of people. Now...that said. Do I have a GOOD voice? I have a decent voice. I make a GREAT choir member. I'd never be a solo artist. So, no...wouldn't audition for American Idol (of course, I'm also a few years too old to do so as well, Ha).

4. If you found $1000 dollars in an unmarked wallet on the street, what would you do? Be specific. Don’t just say, “keep it,” Or “turn it in.” WHY would you keep it? HOW would you turn it in? (And if you turned it in, would you follow up to see if anyone claimed it later?)

I'd probably take it home and then place an ad in the lost and found saying something obscure like: money found in ((name of city)). Lost some? Call 555-9999. Then, they'd have to tell me how much, what denominations and where it was lost. I'm the kind of person who tells the cashier if they've given me too much in change (of course, I can actually figure out what my change can be -- unlike most of the younger folks today, sheesh... my favorite thing to do is to pay for something with a bill, wait until they ring in $20 or whatever and then say, "Oh, wait! I have two pennies!" and watch the slack or panicked look that comes across their face...LOL... I'm evil...).

If no one claimed it, I'm not sure what I would do. I don't think I'd feel right keeping it for myself. Maybe the red bucket of the Salvation Army would get an extra gift that year?


Your Personality Is

Guardian (SJ)

You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.

Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules.

You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader.

You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you.

A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do.

You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up.

In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly.

At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions.

With others, you tend to be polite and formal.

As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself.

On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them!


Sarita Leone said...

We had snow yesterday but this morning it's bright, warm and sunny. Hopefully another wonderful day.

Happy Monday!

Jodi said...

Love your Monday Morning Meme! I do would make a trip to CA! Have a great Monday!

Amy Addison said...

I'm a guardian, too.

If I only had a week? I'd move. Pay cash. Bank enough to live on.

We just bought a new bed!

Yesterday, I sang "Somewhere Beyond The Sea" just to make 9 nuts (he doesn't like anyone to sing when he's in a bad mood).

I'd turn the money into the police. Because it's not mine. Because someone is probably missing it a lot. Because that's what I'd want someone to do if I ever lost $1000 (like I carry that much cash!). If no one claimed it? Yes, I'd probably keep it.

Melissa said...

Guardian (SJ), too!

If I had a week, I'd want to ski and climb.

Dena said...

I'm a Guardian too. Enjoyed your MEME.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm a Guardian too.

Re the $1000, I'd either keep it or turn it into the cops. There's no way I'd advertise about finding it. You'd have every crackpot in the country calling you. *g*

Dru said...

I'm a Guardian too.

If I had a week, I would take my whole family on a cruise

Books was the last thing that I bought.

Actually this morning I was listening to gospel.

I would bring the money to the police because if I lost a large amount, I would want someone to return it as well.

Brandy said...

Hey, another Gaurdian Here! Um, SOOOOOO not leadership material though, too shy. *g*
I feel guilty spending money on myself too. I'm starting to think Mom's are self-programmed to be that way. I did buy myself a piece of clothing this past weekend. Shocker, eh? *G*

The meme was cool!

As for the money? I'd turn it into the police because ads can really turn up some freaks. And if it wasn't claimed, the money reverts to the finder.

I hope you have a warmer Monday!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Author pages? What a COOL idea for LASR. You guys are really going to town on that site - BRAVO.