Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Meme Day!

When I get real bored, I like to drive downtown and get a great parking spot, then sit in my car and count how many people ask me if I'm leaving. ~ Steven Wright

I wonder if I'm channelling all of my writing energy into, you know, writing and don't have so much left over for blogging lately. So, in honor of my utterly empty brain, I give you:


Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 106

Tell us about your first Musical Obsession! We want to know.

Real obsession? Cuz, I crushed on Donny Osmond, but I was only around six. I suppose my first musical obsession would have to have been Rick Springfield. He was my first concert (I was sixteen and he was dreamy Noah Drake on General Hospital -- actually, he still is, come to think of it). *sigh* I remember that I wore leg warmers to that concert. I was seriously stylin'. I've actually seen him in concert a couple of times (his "Working Class Dog" tour and his "Tao" tour).

Who was it?

Uh... I already told you, above.

Why did you like them?

I like him because he was cute and appealed to my sixteen year-old heart. He sang pretty well, too. Interestingly, as he got away from his bubblegum pop "Jessie's Girl" image, he really rocked out. Don't bother to watch his movie "Hard to Hold" though. So. Awful.

And, yes, I saw it in the theater. Me and about ten other people in the world.

What were your favorite songs they did?

I actually like stuff from his older albums the best -- ones that never "made it". He released four albums before "Jessie's Girl" was a hit AND had a TV show in Australia -- it was animated. Betcha didn't know that.

Some of my faves?

"Life is a Celebration" from the album "Wait For Night"
"Weep Not More" and "Born Out Of Time" from the album "Comic Book Heroes"
"Speak to the Sky" from the album "Beginnings"

Do you still like them today? Why or Why not?

Absolutely. My very oldest friend sent my copies of those first albums on CD that she made from her vinyl LPs. I have the vinyl, but they didn't release the albums on CD, so I was thrilled. I have them in my CD changer right now.
And just in case that wasn't enough information, here's meme number TWO!

Tuesday Twosome

Short-term Memory - List the last two…

Movies you watched:

Air Force One on TNT Saturday night

Tim on DVD a couple weeks ago

TV shows you saw:

(Wish I could say "Heroes", but that has to wait until this afternoon while DD is doing her seatwork)

Animal Cops Detroit
Deep Sea Detectives

Items you purchased:

I went grocery shopping yesterday... so, it's boring.

Green Mountain Fair Trade organic hot chocolate

Chicken leg quarters

Beverages you drank:

Coffee with chocolate soy milk - sitting on my desk right now


Internet sites you surfed (before coming here):


the Daily Meme (to find these memes)
And now you know everything about me, except the book I'm currently reading (thanks to a recommend from Charity):

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

It's really good so far! Thanks, C.


Natsthename said...

That made me smile! I liked Rick Springfield, but never obsessed, so it's nice to read a bit about someone who did! I thought he was A LIVING DOLL, though!

Ceri said...

Loved Rick Springfield. Did you know that he was on the original Battlestar Galactica? Okay, so he died in the first one or two episodes. He played Apollo's little hotshot brother. I wrote a fanfic piece that brought him back to life.

Oh that was so long ago...... *sigh*

Hey, I'm back..ish. I actually started writing a short story that may be WW worthy. Fingers crossed.

Sweet Kitty said...

Good answers!!!

My Tuesday Twosome is up!!!

Please stop by my blog and have fun.

Have a nice week,
I will exercise for comments!!!

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, I love Deep Sea Detectives! And Rick Springfield. :)

anno said...

I didn't realize that Rick Springfield was Starbuck's original love.... wow! Well now I understand your interest.

Melissa said...

Oh, I remember Rick Springfield on Battlestar Galactica. So cute! I still like the old show better than the new one.

And who could forget Dr. Noah Drake. ::sigh::

I so wanted to be Jessie's girl!