Saturday, January 27, 2007


Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." ~ Robert Byrne

It's freezing here. Actually, I think today is supposed to warm up to about 20 degrees, but the past two days? Brrrr...

It was so cold (how cold was it? - Anyone remember what that's from??) that when we fed the birds in front of WalMart (a favorite pastime - we get seagulls, pigeons and little birds that might be sparrows or starlings), they would fly over to the food and then hunker down on top of their feet to eat. One or two of the seagulls would eat standing, but they'd tuck one foot up into their belly feathers to keep it warm.

With the wind chill it was -15.

What does that have to do with anything but me complaining? My office is in our basement. Our unheated basement. Charity thoughtfully sent me her old MobilePro, but I can't seem to get my husband to make sure he knows how to get the stuff all hooked up for me to transfer the data, so I'm not ready to commit to using it when I don't know for certain I can retrieve what I write.

My basement is cold. I have a little space heater, but it doesn't work that well -- enough to keep the frostbite away, but that's about it. Sometimes I type with one hand and sit on the other one to keep it warm.

My dream is to one day have an office outside of the mushroom pit, though I do admit that it's awfully nice in the summer.

DD and DH are going ice-fishing today. Are they nuts? Brrrr.... I'm staying home and I might even go see a movie (This is a very rare happening). Anyone want to suggest a good movie that's out right now? No horror, and nothing that doesn't end happily.

I watched the "Dresden Files" last night on the Sci-Fi channel and really enjoyed it. Is it just me or does the ghost, Bob, remind you of Tim Curry? So, Tori, thanks for the viewing suggestion. As long as it doesn't get too freaky, I'll keep watching (I stopped watching "Ghost Whisperer" because of how freaky it became).

Have a great day! Since it's so toasty outside today, maybe I'll sunbathe.



Allie Boniface said...

For 5 years, after I married my husband and moved into the house he already owned, the computer was in the basement. And yeah, I sure do remember typing until my fingers were stiff with cold and having to come upstairs to thaw them out. When we bought our new house a year ago, one of the biggest treats was turning one of the bedrooms into our office. It has windows, and heat, and everything!

P.S. "Catch and Release" looks cute. Or what about "Freedom Writers" or "The Pursuit of Happyness?"

Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Well, I can't understand that kind of cold. It is close to 60 degrees and sunny here in central Texas. Don't envy you the temp, but do the basement. Homes in this part of the world don't have basements. If they tried to build one, they'd first have to blast out layers upon layers of limestone!

So, I office in an extra bedroom, and move out when company comes. One of these days I'm gettin' rid of that bed! Hopefully soon!

And mucho thanks for helping me get my Blog up and going yesterday, Maria. You ROCK!

Sylvia Dickey Smith said...
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Tori Lennox said...

t was so cold (how cold was it? - Anyone remember what that's from??)

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Brrr. *hugs* on the cold weather!

Hmm. Terrence Mann does sort of look like Tim Curry, now that you mention it. He's primarily a stage actor (he played the Beast from Beauty & the Beast on Broadway). I wouldn't bet on the show not getting freaky, though. The books are PLENTY freaky.

anno said...

My sympathies on the cold -- I hate it, too. Here's another plug for HotHands charcoal-activated handwarmers... I buy a couple of boxes of these every winter and go through a pair a day. If my hands are warm, or I'm doing something else, I tuck them in my jeans pockets. I have mild Raynaud's, and these help a lot.