Friday, August 19, 2011

Updates and School

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. ~Attributed to both Andy McIntyre and Derek Bok

First off, a quick update on Breeann... I tried her on baby food yesterday and she threw it up, so I'm back on the egg, chicken, cat food mixture I did on my own, which she seems to tolerate. I gave her 2 cc's this morning. If she doesn't throw it up in a couple of hours, I'll give her some more.

She's acting fairly perky, though, despite not eating. It's heartening, but I'm well aware that I have to get food into her. I've stopped giving her the antibiotics -- they make her gag and froth at the mouth -- and am focusing on basic needs for now: food and water.

She has NO issue with the fluid IV at all. She doesn't fuss, or try to move or even give me the evil eye. So that's something.

Even so, I'll be very honest: if things keep up this way, she's not going to make it much longer. And while I realize she's an old lady, and I've been blessed having her as long as I have, it's never easy to face the loss of a furbaby.

::::deep breath::::

Moving on ...

The school where DD is going has coed soccer, girl's basketball and track and field. I told her I wanted her to compete in something. Soccer is first, and I just got the equipment list of things I need to get if she participates:

Soccer Gear Requirements

Required Equipment:

■Cleats (at least 1 pair, but 2 would be better)
■Mouth Guards (2) - required to play. Must not be cut down.
■Cup & supporter for boys
■Shin Guards - must have labelling indicating NOCSAE approval and size

■Soccer shorts (3)
■Soccer socks (3)
■Practice t-shirts (3)
■Soccer Ball (put your name on it) - required to practice on your own
■Running or cross training shoes

Recommended Equipment:

■Rain gear
■Sweat pants
■Sweatshirt (hooded)
■Soccer warm-up (pants/jacket) - optional

Seriously? How on earth do parents not go broke sending their kids to school?


Wishing you all a good weekend.


You Are Thunder

You are slow paced and steady. You don't rush to be the first to get anything done.

You have your own method of doing things, and it has worked pretty well for you. You are a systemizer.

You are hard working. You are industrious with an amazing work ethic.

You don't often make a big bang, but when you do, everyone pays attention.

Mostly right.



Dru said...

I hope Breann continues to improve.

I'm scared to ask what equipment they would want if she selectled track and field.

re quiz: I'm thunder and it is 85% accurate.

Have a good weekend!

Sarita said...

I've got you all in my prayers. I hope Breeann rallies, and surprises us all by staying with you for a long time. I'm praying hard.

Oh my goodness! How on earth do parents, especially those with several children, afford all the stuff they need? Sheesh! I remember when the school furnished almost everything for us--including gym shorts. Good luck with the shopping spree. I hope you find it all on sale.

I wish you a peaceful weekend.

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: How on earth do parents not go broke sending their kids to school?

I think they do go broke.

How strange the generations though. When I was a kid, they stuck us in an empty parking lot and we played softball and jump rope.

Brandy said...

So glad that Breeann is keeping down the mixture you've created for her. I hope she improves.
As for kids, sports and going broke? For MA there's the cost of the Gi's, the pads, the monthly fee for class, the tournament fee's, the belt test fees, cost of the weapons.........
All that to say I understand. I really do.
Oh, and my quiz results were the same as yours.

I hope you have a good day!