Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Second Day of School...

Sorry for the non-follow up yesterday -- my day was a little nuts. I ended up having to do some running around for stuff that DD needed: a combination lock, a copy of her birth certificate (Oy... I don't know what I did with her original -- I've torn the place apart), and more. I haven't had time to blog hop, I've barely had time to do the work that MUST be done, and even that has suffered some.

Yes, I took a picture of her ... no, I won't post it here -- sorry. She wore khaki Docker-like pants and a plaid collared blouse with sneakers. Nothing fancy, because today she HAS to wear a dress.

She is stressed out, scared because she doesn't understand how everything works, etc., but she'll survive. She's off on Friday (and Monday, of course), so it'll make easing into a routine a bit less painful.

Breeann is not doing well at all -- I am tentatively planning to make our final visit to the vet on Friday. I probably should be taking her in today or tomorrow, but I know that DD will want to go for a final goodbye. It's heartbreaking for us, but we're holding on to the fact that she's almost eighteen years old and lived a long, very healthy life until recently.


Your Word is Persistence

You are resourceful and capable. You have an ingenious way of getting things done.

You are prepared for whatever comes your way in life. You are highly skilled and highly adaptable.

Like everyone, you sometimes feel like giving up. You always remember that persisting pays off.

You finish most things you start. In general, you are very task oriented.

Yep :-)



Maria Zannini said...

You did your best by Breeann. But even the right choices doesn't mean it makes it any easier though.

DD: In a couple of weeks she won't even remember why she was so worried.

Brandy said...

I am so sorry about Breeann. I know it's a hard choice to make. Hugs.

Tori Lennox said...

It's always so hard when we lose the fur babies. :( Hugs!

Dru said...

{{Hugs}} Sending prayers and good thoughts.

Diane Craver said...

I'm sorry to hear that about Breeann but glad you had her for 18years.

You have had a hectic week and hope the rest of the week will be less busy.

I did the quiz and got growth as my word.