Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Dog Dish with Debora Dennis

Hi everyone!! Today I'm talking to some cats that own author Debora Dennis. I have to admit, I'm a little worried -- my cat will swat me sometimes just because, so I'm not sure how this interview will go. Maybe I should have let Breeann do it, but she's too busy sleeping.

Debora Dennis is on a tour promoting her books, one of which has an awesome cover and a yummy name, The Kandy Shoppe.

I like kandy, but Mom doesn't let me have any (especially chocolate).

I hear Ms. Dennis is also giving away a $25 Amazon GC to someone who comments, so talk to her!

And now, without any more jabbering from me, let's welcome Oreo and Rocky.

So, Oreo and Rocky, your human writes books. Does this mean she is home all day and easy to access? Elaborate if necessary.

Oreo and Rocky: Debora is up early in the morning (probably due to our constant meowing and whining that it's breakfast time!) After checking her email, she spends some quality time with us before she leaves for the day job. We especially like it when she rubs us behind the ears. During the summer the kids are home and if we're persistent enough, we can get them to spend time rubbing our necks and bellies, too.

What are your techniques for distracting your human during crucial writing moments, just because it's fun? Whose primary job is it? What do the rest of you do to support the one doing the main distracting?

Oreo: I'm embarrassed to say, I am just a little bit overweight, so jumping on her desk and sitting in front of her monitor is a thing of the past - I can however sit at her feet and tap her leg with my nails if I don't feel like she's spending enough time with me!

Rocky: One of my favorite places to be is stretched out across her keyboard! I've found it's impossible for her to get anything done without access to her keyboard (This technique is easier than chewing through her keyboard wires - which I've done in the past and wasn't looked upon favorably!)

What indignities and neglect have you suffered because of your human's writing career?

Oreo and Rocky: Sometimes even rubbing against her legs gets us no attention. We've been forced to beg by sprawling out on the nearest table on our backs, just hoping for her to notice how adorable we are. She's also a little cheap on the cat treats. Would it be too much to ask to a handful of those tasty bites instead of one or two?

On the off-chance your human has yet to incorporate animals into a story, what are your plans for making sure she rectifies this egregious error and demonstration of poor writing skills?

Oreo and Rocky: Wow, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We never even realized this was happening right under our noses. Now that we know and can see the error of her ways, we plan to use our cuteness to our advantage. We've planned a two-pronged attack at the computer as well - a few well-timed licks to the fingers, laying across her keyboard and purrs should do the trick!

What movies involving animals does your human enjoy sharing with you? Books with animals?

Oreo and Rocky: We've noticed she loves movies that involve romance and we've also noticed many of them feature cats! The Ugly Truth featured a particularly daring cat who loves to climb trees. Since we are inside cats we love to watch the adventures of outside cats in movies!

If you could make one change to your human, what would it be?

Oreo: Since she brought Rocky home I don't think she pays enough attention to me - and only me!

Rocky: If I had to pick one thing to change, it would be the toenail polish! Those colored nails drive me crazy!

Are you happy with your human? If you could tell your human one thing, what would it be?

Oreo: I love my human and I know she loves me. If I could tell her one thing, it would be that even though I'm not the kind of cat to curl up in her lap while she watches TV - it doesn't mean I don't love her back! I just prefer to show my love at a distance.

Rocky: One thing? You want me to pick one thing? I love that she wants to pick me up and snuggle with me all the time, but honestly, when I whine it means I'm not in the mood. There, I said it. I don't want to be picked up constantly.

I'll be honest and say I don't understand that about cats! If I could be cuddled and scratched and petted every moment, it wouldn't be too much...

What things does your human do that would mortify her it if known? What does your human do that most annoys?

Oreo and Rocky: She talks in her sleep. Even when she falls asleep on the couch watching TV, she's mumbling. When the other family members point it out, she says she's plotting her novels, but we're not so sure…

Has your human named a character for you? Are you pleased? If not, why?

Oreo and Rocky: Obviously this is not something she's thought to do, there aren't even any cats featured in her books, YET…

And did your human name you for a fictional character? Hate it or love it? If you could rename yourself, what would your name be?

Oreo: I was named after a cookie and since I've put on a few pounds (the vet said I really need to lose some weight) they call me "double-stuffed." I have to admit I'm a pretty pampered kitty, so I think I like the name.

Rocky: I'm not named after any famous characters either - I got my name because my tail resembles a raccoon. But, they also call me "rocket" because of how fast I run through the house! My favorite thing is the "hit and run" on Oreo's nose!

One sexy repairman, a little melting ice cream, and a lot of red-hot desire just might give dessert a whole new meaning.

Kandace Parker wants nothing more than to have a thriving ice cream parlor, but her run down equipment isn’t cooperating. Watching her profits melt away each time her freezer breaks is only half her problem – the other half is her sexy repairman, Jason Chapman.

Jason is man enough to admit he’s made some mistakes in his personal life; the biggest one was pushing Kandy away years ago. He knows the Ice Cream Queen won’t willingly give him a second chance, so he devises a plan to keep him front and center in her life with the hopes of wearing her down.

How far will Jason go to get his second chance? How far will Kandy go to keep her freezer running? When desires collide in The Kandy Shoppe, they'll have to decide if decadent sex is enough or if love can be the best dessert.

Hooked on all things romantic for as long as she can remember, Debora Dennis has never stopped believing in the fairy tale dream of a Happily Ever After. Since picking up her first Barbara Cartland novel from the middle school library so many years ago, she’s rarely been without a romance, either in her bag or on her nightstand (and now on her Nook!)

A firm believer in happy endings, she writes romance sprinkled with spice and adventure.

Debora and her own hero live in New York and spend their days raising their three kids along with Godzilla the lizard and two spoiled cats named Oreo and Rocky. She can usually be found at her computer early in the morning and late at night with a mug of coffee and a bag of Lindt chocolate truffles keeping her sane.

To learn more, please visit her at

And to visit the other stops on her Name Before the Masses Tour, click here!



Anonymous said...

Marianne, thanks for hosting my cats today, I think they enjoyed it! (I just hope it doesn't go to their heads and expect extra treats!)

Nina Croft said...

Great interview - Oreo and Rocky. My cat, Poppy, does that rolling on the keyboard thing as well - must be normal!

Maria Zannini said...

Oreo and Rocky, you're adorable! But I'm sure you already knew that. :)

I especially love Oreo's name--Double-stuffed. I might have to use that on one of my dogs.

Dakota: Another fine interview. I think you have a career.

booklister said...


Your Oreo looks like my Patches and my Gizmo. . .and both of your babies seem to share the same attitude of our 1 dog & 3 cats. Love the interview and can't wit to read the book

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ha! Your cats outted you with your talking in your sleep! LOL!
Too cute!

Brandy said...

I have an Oreo, too! Cat-that is. *g* Maybe someday you could feature Rocky or Oreo in one of your books.

Anonymous said...

Oreo and Rocky, I would love for you to meet my cats, Mojo and Minksy. They would love you! Murphy and Becca, two Pugs who think they are cats, would love you, too!

Judith Leger said...

My Gracie could lose a few pounds too. We're working on it. Love the Q&A Oreo and Rocky. Take care of Debora!

Anonymous said...

They really are two very spoiled cats! This was a lot of fun, thanks everyone for your comments! :)

Na said...

What cute cats! I love seeing animals featured in stories and I hope you will consider including them in future books :)

P said...

Loved it! Pepper (our Aussie) still hasn't forgiven us since bringing home baby number three. Hopefully someday!

Silke said...

LOL Great interview, Oreo and Rocky.
Having met Oreo in perso--err cat, I could perhaps out him licking my nose when I'm about to drift off...
Freaky critter. LOL.
I dread to think what Willow would say about me, although, lying on the keyboard would be tricky for her -- being a horse and all.
"That human? She has treats. You just have to check all the pockets."