Wednesday, June 01, 2011


"Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination." - Karl von Clausewitz

The quote has nothing to do with today... I just liked it. :-)

Aside from the fact I kept forgetting it was Tuesday, yesterday was a pretty good day. I'm still fighting a raspy, mostly non-productive cough that I got following my sore throat escapade last week. It's bad enough it wakes me up 2 - 3 times a night. It has DD worried enough (granted, she IS a drama queen) that she keeps hugging me and saying, "Don't die." Aside from the cough and being really tired, though, I feel fine. It's weird.

Liz Fichera said yesterday that she's living vicariously through my pix because of the greenery in the back. While I understand -- Liz lives in the desert, and I remember living in Colorado Springs (which is high desert and oddly devoid of plant life and trees) and missing green stuff fiercely. Now though? Not so much. Things grow SO well in New Hampshire, it's a little scary. 100 years ago, the state was largely pastureland, pretty much cleared of trees. You saw the picture of my yard, right? That's how most of the state looks now. DH says he'll be out in the wild, hunting or hiking, and stumble across things like rock walls in the middle of nowhere (that's the other thing NH grows efficiently ... rocks.) and ruined buildings, so it's clear folks used to live and farm there.

Brandy asked on Friday if I'll have more time to write once DD is in school. I hope so. I'm not sure what my days will look like, how much volunteer time I'll be putting in at school, since they strongly encourage that, and how much of my time will be spent on other things: errands, etc. But I have very positive thoughts on finding more time to write.

Today we have to go get some new flippers for DD. Remember the flipper fiasco of last year? She still has the Visa gift card the manufacturer sent to cover the cost of the flipper and since the lake water is finally about warm enough to swim in (it's 65 degrees as of last weekend), she's eager to go get a pair. Otherwise, we'll stay home and work/school because I want to GET DONE with her school. She's only got 6 more days to go... I think I'm as antsy as she is!

Have a great day all.... I hope the weather is gorgeous and the day calm.


You Are Strong

You are independent and resourceful. You prefer to rely on yourself and not involve others.

You are a rock. There may be a world of chaos swirling around you, but you stay steady.

You may have had a difficult time earlier in life. You are highly sensitive and a little cautious.

You lay the groundwork for months or years before you act. You like to be completely and totally prepared.

About 75% right...



Brandy said...

I do hope you're able to have more time to write once DD is in school. We have until the 15th until we're done since we started a little late last year and I'm also making the kids make up their sick days. I'm mean that way, I guess.

You Are Authentic
You are bold and self-assured, but you are also totally unpretentious. You don't put on airs.
You are at ease with yourself and life in general. You are able to accept and embrace reality.
You are a genuinely nice person and a joy to be with. You are a light in others' lives.
You find it easy to connect to others just by being yourself. You accept everyone as they are.

I know the first sentence doesn't fit me. And I do strive to be a good person/presence. I don't know.

Best wishes for a day without coughing and a lovely day all around.

Dru said...

You Are Simply You

You believe in originality and tolerance. You think the world needs more diversity, not less.

You are not confrontational or aggressive. You take a mild-mannered approach to dealing with people.

You have no desire to lead or follow. Anyone is welcome to join you on your journey for a while.

You are loyal to people no matter what. You remain true.

Wow, it's very accurate.

I hope you feel better soon.

I do hope you get more writing time once DD is in school.

Any word on your story and did you submit it yet?