Thursday, June 02, 2011

Are We In Kansas?

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. - Dorothy Gale

So ... New England had a crazy day, weather-wise, yesterday! Just after lunch, our town emergency system called and told me we were under a tornado watch. Tornado? REALLY?

We've had them before, but so seldom as to be nearly non-existent. We aren't the midwest, folks. We have mountains and trees and valleys... our terrain alone just isn't conducive to tornadic activity. Apparently Mother Nature thought otherwise, however.

Though the weather around my place settled down pretty well (we had some wind, rumbles and a little heavy rain), south of us was another story. My friend, Michele, reported HUGE hail and heavy winds. There were trees downed in her town and other damage.

Worst hit, though was Springfield, MA, who actually did have a tornado hit:

It's amazing watching it suck up all that water from the river before hitting the town.

Folks, we're used to blizzards and ice storms and even hurricanes. But tornadoes???

Today promises to be much calmer and the storm cleared out the extreme heat and humidity, so that's even better.

Still... tornadoes? Sheesh...

Yesterday, Dru asked me the status of the story I'd hoped to submit this past weekend. Well... I'm doing another scene. I know, I know ... but it needed it. It just keeps growing. If I can manage to find time in the next few days, though, it should be done. Finding time is the problem.... life has been particularly crazy this week and I barely have time to breathe.

I keep thinking life will settle down. Apparently not. *sigh*


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Though I have no fear of standing in front of crowds speaking or anything else (hello... umpteen years of drama), the rest really isn't me.



Angelina Rain said...

I think Mother Nature has some big time PMS. We have been jumping between days in the 90's to day's in the 50's. And it's always raining, and rianing, my entire yard is flooded and I haven't planted much yet because the weather keeps jumping around.

Brandy said...

It's just hot, hot, hot here. Add in a bit of humidity and it only takes five minutes outside before sweating. Glad to know you and Michele are okay.

Hope you have a good, uneventful day.

Maria Zannini said...

I was reading only today that there have been more than 1000 confirmed tornadoes in 2011 in the US so far.

There were 1266 confirmed in all of 2010. It's been a rough year weather-wise.

Tori Lennox said...

Ma Nature needs Valium or something.

That underground house I've been dreaming of is sounding better and better.

Melissa McClone said...

That video is crazy scary! So glad it wasn't near you!

Dru said...

I saw that on this morning news. Scary, very scary.

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This is not me.