Friday, June 03, 2011

Has Quackie Gotten His HEA?

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. ~Mother Teresa

Last fall and this spring I wrote posts here and here bemoaning the fact that the little white duck (that I call Quackie) who lives in the pond down the road is now alone. Ducks shouldn't be alone, and the past month I've celebrated whenever mallards have come to visit. They seldom stay long (interestingly, they've almost all been males), but when they're there, Quackie always hangs out with them. It's clear Quackie is lonely.

A few days ago, when we drove past and looked, there were TWO white ducks. I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought it was a fluke... I figured the duck was en route somewhere else, but as of last night both ducks are still there (along with a handful of mallards). I found it fascinating that, when Quackie was alone and the mallards came, he hung out with them, but not that there's another white duck, they've segregated: mallards over there, white ducks over here.

I really, really hope that Quackie's found a mate. More, I hope they stay at the pond here, so I can watch. I'm half afraid that this new duck will whisper of the joys of freedom, of flying where you want, when you want, and tell tales of faraway ponds to lure Quackie away.

I wonder, too, if it's the white duck who was odd man out a couple years ago (when the first duck of the foursome was killed and its mate never quite fit in with the other two) and has returned.

Regardless, I really hope this means Quackie has gotten his HEA. Maybe all our positive thoughts worked!


Tomorrow, DD has a junior agility competition to attend. She's up one level so it will be a little tougher, but they're ready (I hope). Dakota's been having some trouble hitting her contacts on the dog walk and frame and in this competition you can't touch your dog or the obstacle or you get a fault, so we'll see how it goes.

Next Saturday is the craft show that I'm still utterly unprepared for.

Busy, busy...


You Are Well Grounded

You are cautious and guarded. Whenever possible, you choose restraint and moderation.

You create a logical environment in every aspect of your life. Reason rules for you.

You are concerned about others and the world at large. You worry a fair amount.

You like to think everything through throughly and carefully. You don't make snap decisions.

That's pretty much correct.



Brandy said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Quackie has found a new mate! Everyone/thing needs love.

You Are Surprisingly Sweet
You have a natural sweetness to you that others appreciate. You are kind at your core.
You value self-reliance, and you work hard every day to improve your life. You believe in bettering yourself.
You are a patient and compassionate person. You understand that we're all human.
You can make do with very little. Life isn't about what you don't have; it's about what you have.

Accurate, I think.

I hope you have a sensational day!

Dru said...

I'm so glad Quackie has a friend.

re quiz: I'm well grounded and it's accurate.

Judy said...

I had the same answer as Brandie... and Bob said it's correct :-)

"...and that's why I try to stay married to you."

Tori Lennox said...

Oh gosh, I hope Quackie's gotten his HEA!!!