Monday, June 20, 2011


I do not really like vacations. I much prefer an occasional day off when I do not feel like working. When I am confronted with a whole week in which I have nothing to do but enjoy myself I do not know where to begin. To me, enjoyment comes fleetingly and unheralded; I cannot determinedly enjoy myself for a whole week at a time. ~Robertson Davies

So ... I was away most of the weekend. Saturday we spent up at my DH's uncle's place on the lake -- DH is the caretaker there, so this time I went with him to help and to get away from it all. DD has the job of mowing, and the yard is HUGE so it's quite a job with the push mower. She's done it two weeks now and has blisters on her blisters. But she's a trooper (and the fact it's a paying job helps!).

I reclaimed a flower garden -- neither DH's uncle or his wife are gardeners, so the poor thing was more weeds and overgrown plants than garden. It took me a couple of hours but it was FUN. I pulled weeds, I pruned bushes, and thinned a couple of plant groupings that were taking over. I found amazing joy in the discovery ("Oh! LOOK -- day lilies!") and in the organizing and cleaning. I was surprised at how good I felt when I was done, stepped back and saw the results. The carnage was huge -- it took three overflowing wheelbarrow loads to clean up all the stuff I took out, but it looks amazing. I only hope DH's uncle and wife think so, too. *gulp*

It was oddly relaxing as well -- because I COULDN'T get on the computer (no internet there) I was free to do what I pleased. At home, despite having LOTS of yardwork, I feel obligated to work on the computer because there is always work to be done. I do some gardening every day, but not for hours at a time. And we had a group barbecue and small family gathering. It was good.

Sunday we spent at DH's brother's place on the lake (oh... if only I could say we spent the weekend at OUR place on the lake, but no such luck because -ha- we don't have one.. yet) with the entire family (which is amazingly large anymore -- lots and lots of kidlets). I wasn't allowed to bring the dog up to this one (and I have to say that I think people who don't like, or at least tolerate well-behaved dogs have something fundamentally wrong with them ... no offense to any dog-haters out there, but how can you not like dogs???), so I only stayed for a few hours. It's a long drive up and back, and I prefer not to leave Dakota for more than 6 - 8 hours at once. Still, it was a pretty good day. Ironically, since we were there with the family, I mostly ended up spending the day with my husband -- we ate together, took a long walk together, and when we got back from the walk everyone was swimming (and we didn't choose to) so we hung out on the deck and gabbed. It was a pretty darn good day, too.

Then I came home and had to build all of the pages for next week's LASR/WC website and edit the reviews. We won't talk about the book videos I still have to create. But everyone needs a break now and then, right? LOL...

How was you weekend?


You Are Dumbo the Flying Elephant

You rather be with your friends than be alone. You prefer to be surrounded by others.

If you're bored, you will tend to become lazy and apathetic. You are content to just be.

You are a total people person, and you get listless when you're alone. You need someone to bounce energy off of.

You are outgoing and a social butterfly of sorts. You pride yourself on being able to get along with everyone.




Sarita said...

I am so glad you had a good weekend! It sounds like you and hubby spent some peaceful, happy time together. Love it.

Here, all about yardwork. Keeps me busy, leaves no time for thinking. And I sewed yesterday; some new things for the Etsy shop.

Hope your week is a good one.

Maria Zannini said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Poor Dakota not being invited to the family gathering at the lake. Don't they know she's part of the family?

:) I'm with you. I don't like to leave my guys for more than a few hours. Tank starts tapping his paw if his dinner is late.

Dru said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Everyone deserves a mini-vacation once in a while.

Dakota would have loved being in the open space. Sorry he couldn't go.

Hey, has your mother arrived yet?

You Are Splash Mountain

You have trouble turning down good food and drink. Life is for the living, and you're going to celebrate.

You love to have fun, and in your view, the more the merrier. You enjoy festive parties.

You are prone to fantasy. You can't help but engage in some wishful thinking.

You are genuinely interested in others. There's nothing more fascinating than people.

This is 90% accurate.

Have a great Monday.

Brandy said...

I don't get people who don't like animals, either. And also those who have animals, but don't treat them like family. That's just wrong.
Glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourself!

You are It's A Small World:
You are genuinely interested in others. There's nothing more fascinating than people.
You are animated and full of life. You are very spirited and easy to read.
You are spontaneous and likely to change course midstream. You live unpredictably.
To know you is to love you. You have an amazingly big heart.

About 75% correct.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Tori Lennox said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I don't understand people who don't like pets either. Weird.