Friday, August 20, 2010

The End of Pillar Place 2010

And the case of butterflies so rich it looks
As if all summer settled there and died.
~Philip Larkin, "Autumn"

Yesterday marked the end of Pillar Place 2010. Both of our last monarch pupae hatched successfully. Here is our final butterbaby of the year, Xandy:

DD documented our year of monarchs on my white board:

She added tidbits, and made sure all the name tags were included:

I guess it rather ended up like a science project. :-)

We had a very successful year -- between Black Swallowtails and Monarchs, we released more than 60 butterflies, with only one loss -- a newly hatched monarch pillar. That is absolutely incredible. We've never had such a productive year with so few losses.

All the boxes are washed and stored for next year, except the cardboard "hatching" box which is in the garbage. It's seen us through many, many years, but was on its last legs. Next year we'll start fresh with a new box and hopefully as many or more pillars.

Good luck butterbabies!!


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About 75% right.



Maria Zannini said...

You had a great year! And I love the documentary board.

DD is so creative.

Marianne Arkins said...

She IS creative :-)

I'm very proud of her.

Brandy said...

The board was a great idea! Kudos on a successful year of Hatchery!

Re quiz results: I am Even as well. And it fits way too accurately. *G*

Hoping for a fabulous day for y'all!

Tori Lennox said...

Hooray for all the butterbabies! :)