Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This, That and The Other

A bargain ain't a bargain unless it's something you need. ~ Sidney Carroll

For those of you on Google Reader -- this WAS posted yesterday, but I remembered Elaine was coming by, so I pulled it. Bonus: you get yesterday's post AND add-ons for today :-)

Moving on ...

I had my cranky-pants on Tuesday and had to make a concerted effort to be pleasant. It must have worked, because at one point DD said, "Did you wake up in a good mood?" -- understand, I'm not exactly an effervescent person, even on a good day, lol. So, I guess my acting skills are still working!

The dog was full of it too, so we swung by the dog park on the off chance someone was there with their dog. There were two guys there with a pointer and a German Shepherd mix -- both really active, good-natured dogs. And the three of them ran. And ran. And ran. And ran. Finally, Dakota flopped down on the ground and refused to move. I figured that was our cue to leave! LOL...

We went to the dog park again VERY briefly yesterday as well. We were a little early for a nearby appointment, so killed fifteen minutes there. This time there was a Wheaten Terrier and a little mutt terrier, both of which were utterly disinterested in playing. Dakota gave it her best try, but was ignored while they simply wandered around and sniffed. :-(

The weather has been so pleasant lately. Still warm, but less so and less humid as well. It's been nice to be able to get outside with feeling as though my innards were cooking. Today, they're calling for rain off and on all day. We already had one little cloudburst, which was very nice. We desperately need it, so bring it on!!

I'm still working on my writing. I haven't been saying much about it because it seems as though every time I mention a project by name, or in any detail, I hit a wall! Not that I'm superstitious or anything (nope, not me).

FlyLady is going okay, too, except I have to admit that I don't get up and get dressed first thing in the morning (which is one of her basic rules). I can't. I get up before the crack of dawn and DH sleeps for another few hours. Other that that, I've been keeping the sink clean, doing other cleaning in 15 minute bursts (I love my timer!!) and mostly staying on top of stuff.

The timer thing really works when I apply it.

DD has been writing reviews for the Aurora site. The first couple, I interviewed her about the books and wrote up the review based on what she said. This last one, I opened up her other reviews, reminded her of our basic "rules" (opening hook, positive closing, very little synopsis -- tell us what you did or didn't like, not what the book is about ... we post the blurb, so don't need that) and let her go. It took her three days of working a couple hours each day, but she presented me with a review yesterday that was really, really quite well done. Except for a couple grammar/punctuation issues, it's turnkey! I'm so proud.

I can't believe we'll be starting back to school in a month. I also can't believe she's in junior high. Where does the time go? We're going to hit Staples for some back-to-school office supply shopping (I have an office supply fetish, I really, really do. Just walking into the store makes me all tingly). One good thing about homeschooling -- I buy her clothes when she needs them, not at the whim of the calendar.

I remember when I was little, I used to have a budget of $100 for my back to school clothes shopping. That included undies, shoes and socks! I usually ended up with something like one pair of pants, a few shirts and a dress (plus "necessaries"). Can you imagine spending only $100 today? I went to Kohl's a couple days ago (after we purged DD's clothes, and I realized she had ONE pair of pants/capris that fit her!) to get DD some capris. Oy. Vey. She's in women's sizes now, and the prices kill me.

Ah well. Them's the breaks.

Do you like shopping for anything in particular? Anyone else have an office supply fetish? What do you remember about school shopping from when you were young?


You Are SPF 15

You enjoy the sun as much as most people. You aren't outdoorsy, but you enjoy the outdoors from time to time.

You tend to limit your sun exposure. A little goes a long way for you, and you don't like to overdo things.

You are strongly prefer indoor activities, away from bugs and the elements.

And if you're going to be outdoors for too long, you always seek out the shade.

That's pretty much right.


Liz Fichera said...

In grade school, we'd go to the local pharmacy-type store, which also doubled as an office supply store. There you'd see the "Supplies List" for each grade. I loved seeing all the stuff we'd get to get for school--pencils, crayons, a notebook--whatever. As you got older, you'd get more "sophisticated" things like a protractor, a certain kind of eraser. When I hit the sixth grade, I knew that I had arrived!

Ah, the little things... :-)

Melissa McClone said...

I remember making a list of all the clothes and things I needed to start school. My dad would go through the list and either agree or cross it off. I'd list everything from panties to pencils! After that my mom would drop us off at the store than come back to pay when we were done. She hated shopping!

My oldest still fits in kids clothes. I'm so thankful for that. Between Target and Kohls we can find most anything she needs!

Brandy said...

I remember back to school shopping and hated it. Ugh. Like you, I buy the kids clothes when they're needed and not based on back to school. Especially since the kids will hit a growth spurt and skip sizes. We do a lot of shopping at Target, Marshalls and Kohls.
I LOVE office supply stores. Chris thinks I'm weird because I oooh and ahhh over all the pens and papers and folders. *G*

You Are SPF 50+
Sun? No thanks! You're practically vampiric with your avoidance of the sun.
You rather be in a climate controlled environment, thank you very much. The sun is overrated!
It's likely that the sun hasn't been very good to you over the years. You're not one for overheating and sunburns.
You know that anything that can be done in the sun can be done indoors. And that's how you like it.

Actually it's the heat I try to avoid and I definitely have to wear sunblock when I'm outside for more than five minutes. I burn easily and badly.

I hope you get all the rain you need so desperately and have a great day!

Marianne Arkins said...

Liz, we never had those lists when I was in school. In fact, my school (until high school) provided nearly everything except folders. They had paper, pens/pencils, scissors and more. I find it fascinating that we spend WAY more on our schools now and they offer less.

Ceri Hebert said...

*sigh* I have to do school shopping for 4 kids. Not to be catty or anything, but my step daughter's mother contributes nothing in the way of financial support. She spends the summer with her mom down south so she might come home with a few summery items, but nothing for school.

My DS is going into middle school this year too. Where does the time go??

Tori Lennox said...

That whole get dressed, including shoes, the instant you roll out of bed thing cracks me up. Personally, I like to be comfortable for awhile. And shoes do not fit into that criteria. :)