Monday, July 26, 2010

Contests and Winners

Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. ~Bill Watterson

First off, Chrystal is the winner of "Kiss Me Before I Sleep"! Chrystal, email me your mailing address at authormariannearkins AT gmail DOT com and I'll get that out for you.

Next, there are some cool contests going on that I thought you might like to know about.

Eloisa James is giving away a Nook on her Facebook fan page. She needs 1700 more fans for her publisher to give one away, so go forth and "like" her!

Speaking of Nooks -- The Long and the Short of It is giving away THREE starting next week!! The general info for our Third Anniversary Party is here, with more info coming on August 2nd.

The very talented, very funny Dee Tenorio is guest blogging on Whipped Cream Erotic Romance and is giving away a copy of her book "All or Nothing" to one person who comments today. How easy is THAT?

There are probably more, but it's early and I'm still on my first cup of coffee...


We had a quiet weekend, which was nice. My DH had to work some ridiculous hours (overnight on Friday and then a good chunk of Sunday). It's so frustrating because it makes him a very grumpy man. Weekends are his down time, his unwind and turn back into Dr. Jekyll from the Mr. Hyde he becomes during the week.

I'm truly grateful he has a job, but I sure wish he had one he actually LIKED.

DD is starting to hit the "I'm Bored" portion of the summer. If it wasn't so blasted hot we'd be doing a lot more. I promised her miniature golf (but not in 100 degree weather), I'd like to take the dog down to the park for walks and let DD play on the equipment, a road trip to Trader Joe's in Tyngsboro (but we'd want to take the dog and she'd cook in the car), a road trip to one of the other libraries that actually carries romance books, practicing agility with the dog outside (though I may set that up today).

This weather is killing us.


You Are an Astronaut

You are not normal at all, and you could never do well is a typical office job. You are too brilliant for that!

You have a strong sense of adventure. You really want to see the world... especially from space.

You don't just dream big - you also do big. You are willing to work hard to get the career of your dreams.

You are a very talented and special person. You seem to succeed at every project you undertake.

Um .... 50/50, I guess. Mostly the last part.



Dru said...

Congrats Chrystal!

Do they have daytime summer camps that DD could participate in?

You Are a Rock Star

Even if you can't play a single instrument, you're a total rebel and creative type.

You couldn't imagine yourself with a corporate job, and you couldn't imagine having a boss.

You are expressive, original, and often times a bit moody. You are very real about who you are and what you're feeling.

You tend to get in trouble a lot. You have a total bad girl or bad boy attitude, and you just always seem to be landing in hot water!

MomJane said...

I don't know about this.

You Are a Doctor
You are a total brainiac who isn't content to just be smart. You want to do something with your smarts!
You'd like to change the world or at least change lives. You feel like it's important not to waste the gifts you've been given.

You may cure cancer or simply make a few people healthier, but you will rest well knowing that you've made a difference.
You're the type of person who does the right thing even when no one else is watching. You're very ethical.

Brandy said...

I hear you on the weather. We've been hiding in the house lately. Do you have a local Y you could maybe find a kids class for her there, or even just go swimming (most have indoor pools)?

My quiz results were the same as Dru.

I hope you find a way to beat the heat and have a good day!

Michele said...

I'm a Teacher? Who Knew?

You Are a Teacher
You are a compassionate, caring person. You want to help people as much as you can - both in and out of work.
You are infinitely patient and empathetic. You find it easy to get along with everyone.

You feel like you've been pretty blessed in your life, and you're ready to give back. You want to make a difference in someone else's life.
Teaching may not be the most rewarding or glamorous profession, but you don't care. As long as you feel accomplished at the end of the day, you're happy.

How well they do NOT know me.

And I hope you get some cool weather soon. Today doesn't seem so bad though....

Tori Lennox said...

Just for the record I love my Nook! And I'll probably love it even more once I get used to holding it. *g*