Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Guest: Eileen Ann Brennan

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Eileen, tell me five things I probably don’t know about you and that most folks wouldn’t guess.

At least some portion of every one of my books was written while I listened to the soundtrack of Shakespeare In Love. I don’t know what it is but for some reason when that soundtrack is on, my fingers fly on the keyboard. I listen to a lot of other instrumental music but whenever I get stuck, I “pull out the big guns” as I call that CD and things just happen. Could it be that the “Big WS” is my muse?? (Somehow I never pictured a short, balding Elizabethan as my muse. I think I have more of a Huge Jackman/Christian Bale type in mind.)

I wrote my first erotic romance, Betrayed, on a dare. Two of my critique partners decided to try writing erotic romance and jokingly commented that they didn’t think I could write really “hot”. Well, I couldn’t let that go by, could I? I wrote it in five weeks. The fastest I’ve ever written a novel. Hmm, do you think my muse was at work way back then?

I dedicated my last release to a cat. My son’s cat, Kyle, came to live with us when he got caught after three years in his dorm room. He attached himself to me and follows me everywhere (He’s on my footrest as I type this) He’s known as my “posse”, “entourage” and “guard kitty”. Even after my son moved back in, “Pookie” as I call him, is still my constant companion. He was with me every minute while I wrote Waltz Me Through Time, so I figured it should be his book.

Three years ago, I drove a thousand miles from Jersey to Florida in one day…Alone…I left after 8:30 am…stopped to go shopping for an hour…stopped an hour for lunch…and an hour for supper…and two more times for gas and coffee…had no radar detector…and arrived home at 11:30 pm. I had one awesome book on CD! I sat in the driveway for ten minutes after I got home so I could hear the end of it! (And, no, I’d never attempt that again.)

I absolutely love the movie Wall-e. Although I hide it from my friends, my family knows and they feed my obsession. I have all the action figures, notepads, stuffed figures, a trashcan and anything else that was marketed by Buy N’ Large! I have his framed picture on the wall in my office. He’s the wallpaper on my phone and I even have the DVD in Russian. There’s just something about the innocence, sincerity and determination of that little guy that I fell in love with. I keep watching the movie over and over and over…

I have a stuffed animal that talks to me without my squeezing him or touching him. In fact, most of the time he’s talking, I’m not in the same room. I bought him at a garage sale about 8 years ago. It’s Sully from Monsters, Inc. Out of nowhere, he starts talking. It’s the weirdest thing. It was a bit scary at first but then I started talking back to him (that’s probably scarier). About a year ago he stopped. I figured the batteries ran out but never bothered to replace them. Two weeks ago he started talking again. My biggest fear is that I’ll open up his battery compartment one day and it will be empty…

Fill In the Blanks: I'd rather eat _____ than _____

I’d rather eat dirt than calamari which my dh and daughter love and order every time we go to an Italian restaurant. No way am I eating tentacles with the consistency of gummy bears.

Write me a paragraph using the following three words: Gentle, Phone, Beach.

I lie by the pool listening to the gentle hum of the filter as it lulls me to sleep. Through slitted eyes, I watch as Antonio Polaris, my pool boy, goes about his morning tasks. I’m glad I decided to forego my morning walk on the beach. This is a much better show than anything I might find there. Antonio turns and notices my attention. He drops the pool net and saunters toward me. Dropping to his knees next to my lounge chair, he leans in – close. His warm breath feathers across my cheek. I smile up at him, inviting. The phone on my desk rings, bringing me back to an office full of people and a desk full of work. Reality is soooo not fair!


Multi-published author Eileen Ann Brennan transplanted from the Northeast years ago, got sand in her shoes, and never looked back. (No matter what anyone says, your butt does look fat in a ski parka.) She lives with her husband, three cats and her son and daughter who move in and out on a regular basis.

Eileen Ann writes contemporary and historical erotic romance with a tinge of mystery and magic. She would love to spend every minute of every day holed up in front of her computer, writing about sexy heroes, sassy heroines and scintillating plots but somehow those pesky chores of everyday living (sleeping, dental hygiene, watching the weather channel) always seem to get in the way.

Blurb for "Waltz Me Through Time": Juliana Douglas has a thriving antique shop and a boyfriend who is likely to propose any day. Everything is working out just as she wants it to…until a handsome stranger arrives from 1902 and claims she’s his wife.

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Eileen Ann Brennan said...

Hi Marianne! Thanks so much for inviting me to guest. I loved the questions and had a great time answering them.

I may be a little fuzzy this morning. I've just returned from a month of visiting and scoping out story settings, characters and soaking up athmosphere in the Northeast. It was a wonderful experience and I came away chock full of story ideas.

Anyway,I'm delighted to be here today!