Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday...

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows. ~Doug Larson

Yesterday turned out to be a very nice day -- a surprise, really, because the weather forecast had called for overcast and rain.

DH decided to go fishing, and DD went with him, so I had some alone time -- not a ton, because they left late and came home early, but I'll take what I can get.

I relaxed a little ... took the dog for a nice walk, pulled dandelions (an ENTIRE big bucketful AGAIN, and that's not all of them! -- this tool is a miracle, though), did some other weeding (yes, I find weeding relaxing). My neighbor came by with her dog, so that was nice for both Dakota and I.

I did some writing (my heroine has a regular menagerie of animals... who knew?), and managed to get *sort of* caught up on my crit group (speaking of which, we could REALLY use one more active member ... anyone out there looking for a good, serious but fun crit group? If so, email me at authormariannearkins AT gmail DOT com).

The only black mark this weekend is this: my business partner, Judy, went away on Thursday expecting to have internet available. Much to our mutual dismay, this was not the case. So, I've been doing double duty at LASR/WC/Goddess Fish and will all that's going on (including a BUNCH of virtual tours) it's been a little crazy. I think she gets back today. Thank heavens.

Anyway, today DD takes off school and we officially celebrate her birthday. We were going to go see "How To Train Your Dragon" in IMAX, but it's school vacation this week, and I couldn't face all the kids sure to be there. I promised her a trip to the movies next week. Instead, we're heading to the mall to walk around (DD is learning the fine art of window shopping), she wants a new paint-by-number, then to Toys-R-Us for her pogo stick, and then we'll head to lunch for some seafood (she's craving shrimp) and then to the library to get a movie.

I'm tired just thinking of it.


Your Attention Span is Long

You're attention span is amazingly long.

You can concentrate well, and your mind doesn't stray easily.

Even if you have a mundane task to complete, you can get it done easily.

Because you don't get distracted, you accomplish more than most people.

Your self discipline is your greatest strength.

You can will yourself to do almost anything. All you have to do is put your mind to it.

Yep... pretty much correct.



Dru said...

I'm glad you were able to get things accomplished and you had some alone time.

I know exactly what you mean about going to the movies when school is out.

Have a wonderful day celebrating with DD.

re quiz: my attention span is long and it is accurate.

Have a great Monday.

MomJane said...

Sounds like you had a pretty nice day. I hope you enjoyed most of it. Ahhh, the peace and quiet of being alone.

groovyoldlady said...

Oy...Birthdays. SillyHead's is next month, but we'll be on vacation. That means I need to plan a "friend party" ASAP. Thanks for reminding me! I hope DD has a wonderful celebration. By the way, tell her that the personal note she included with my order just made my day! :-)

Your Attention Span is Medium
Your attention span is just about average.
You may think that you have a short attention span...
But being distracted is something most people struggle with.

The most important thing is that you're aware that your mind wanders.
If you find yourself daydreaming, you can usually snap out of it.
It may be tough to concentrate at times, but you can do it... if you want to!

Yep. 100% accurate.

Brandy said...

I hope y'all have an amazing day and that DD enjoys her new pogo stick.
Today is my Daughter's 15th Birthday, where did the time go?

My attention span is long.

Again, hope y'all have a fantastic day!

Tori Lennox said...

Walking at the mall makes me tired just thinking about it! :)