Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Again

Family is just accident.... They don't mean to get on your nerves. They don't even mean to be your family, they just are. ~Marsha Norman

Crazy busy weekend. And it rained most of it -- finally cleared (sort of) Sunday afternoon, which was fortuitous because we were having a family get-together for my MIL's birthday and if we'd had to stay inside with all those kids? Oy vey.

Dakota is having tummy troubles AGAIN. I have never had a dog with so many digestive issues. It's making me crazy. She had me up half the night needing to go out, and I really tried to not get cranky but MAN am I tired. Today, I'll be taking a stool sample into the vet to see if she has giardia AGAIN. And maybe this time they'll agree to vaccinate her if she does. Cuz, I'm telling you, this is getting old.

We started helping at a new agility class last week. And, as always, there was a bit of drama. One of the dogs, a pit bull, has some dog aggression issues (and before anyone thinks, "Oh.. well.. a pit bull..." -- remember: aggression isn't breed specific and bad dogs aren't born, they're made). Interestingly enough, when they walked in, Dakota was off leash running around while we set up, and in her way (her way being, "All dogs love me.") ran right up to him, licking his face and trying to get him to play. And he didn't react to that in a negative way at ALL.

He's a sweetie toward people, too. And I have to admit to having a soft spot toward pit bulls because they're terrifically misunderstood creatures.


After the entire class was there, we were talking and introducing dogs and whatnot, and one lady lost the leash of her schnoodle (schnauzer / poodle cross). And he trotted right over to the pit who was being kept a little apart from everyone, and stuck his nose in a .. hmm... private spot, and ... **sigh**... yes, he got attacked.

The scariest sound in the world has to be that scream a dog makes when it's scared. Thing is -- the pit bull didn't grab anything but fur. I was the closest, so I grabbed for the schnoodles leash and pulled him away. The schnoodle didn't have a mark on him and, amazingly enough, he bounced right back like it had never happened.

In any case, the instructor separated the dogs to work with them: pit bull, shy german shepherd and a beagle for me (I think she knows I love the big dogs!). She and DD took the little dogs: a dachschund, the schnoodle and a papillion (who is NEVER quiet ... yao, yap, yap... I thought I'd lose my mind).

We're having a grand time.


You Are a Açaí Berry

On the one hand, you tend to be very controversial. People are always talking about you and trying to figure you out.

On the other hand, you are quite wholesome and humble. You don't know what all of the fuss is about.

You are unsettled in your life. You're not sure what you want yet, and you're a bit of a searcher.

If there's one thing you know, it's that you crave adventure and travels. You want to see as much of the world as you can.

Um... not really...



Dru said...

Sorry that Dakota is having problems again. Will the vaccination help Dakota if she has giardia?

I'm glad the schnoodle wasn't hurt and the rest of the class was good.

You Are a Cranberry

On the one hand, you are snarky and ironic. You have a pretty well developed dark side.

On the other hand, you enjoy the company of sweeter, more positive people. You do best around happy folks.

You are uproariously funny. You have a well honed sarcastic side, and you can always find humor in the worst of times.

You may seem a bit bitter, but you're just a realist. You're not going to sugarcoat things just to make people feel comfortable.

Hmm, not me probably 25% accurate.

Have a great Monday.

groovyoldlady said...

Poor Dakota...(Poor Marianne!) Ugh!

Frankly, If a poodle or poodle mix gets too close to me I get a bit snappish myself!!! Small poodles are my least favorite dog in the world - and then if you mix in schnauzer, well...

Maria Zannini said...

Poor Dakota. Why didn't the vet want to give her the vaccination last time?

Ref: pit bull
Thank you for spreading the word about aggression not being breed specific.

If the pit wanted to hurt the dog, he could have. It was only a warning, and dogs do that all the time.

Glad you were there.

Brandy said...

I like the bog dogs, too. And wanted a BullMastiff until I saw all the droooooool that dog has. *g* We've been thinking of getting a dog sometime in the next year. (I'm a planner, I'm working on making a list.)
Poor Dakota, why wouldn't the Veterinarian vaccinate her before? I hope her tummy troubles heal soon.

Re quiz: Acai Berry. Um, no. No adventurer here.

Tori Lennox said...

Towns around here are starting to ban pit bull ownership. Drives me insane. You can't tell these people ANYTHING. They buy into the whole "it's a pit bull therefore it's BAD" mentality.

Hugs to you and Dakota on her tummy troubles!