Friday, February 12, 2010

Reverse Evolution

“The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms” - Lao Tzu

I've come to the recent conclusion that my arms are growing. Seriously... I'm pretty sure by the time I'm 50, my knuckles will be dragging on the ground like some Neanderthal. This winter, the sweaters and sweatshirts I've owned, worn and loved for the past few years no longer fit me. They fit MOST of me... but the sleeves are far too short. How did this happen? It has me scratching my head, and filling a bag for Goodwill -- leaving me nearly naked and hoping spring comes early.

Worse, I can't find any clothes to replace them. Are my arms really that much longer than most women's? Am I going to be relegated to wearing men's clothes during the winter?

I'm so far beyond frustrated. I suppose I could just say that everything I own comes with three-quarter length sleeves... except the length drives me crazy. **sigh**


DH's job called at 2:43 a.m. this morning, and again at 3:48 a.m. and again at 4:40 a.m.

I'm a little tired, and I really REALLY hope the job market picks up because if it does, he is SO out of there.


Last night I was feeling a bit discouraged about my writing. So, I shut down the computer early (around 8 p.m.) and went to my bookshelf full of "how to write" books. I pulled this one off:

I'd flipped through it a little before, and thought it showed promise, but like so many other "how to" books, it ended up gathering dust.

Until last night. Last night, I opened it at random and came across one of the "Tool" pages (there are tools, checklists and Q&A pages) called "Organizing Ten Easy Scenes".

He discourages overt outlining, but says if you can brainstorm the ten main scenes of your novel, and write with them in mind, you're good to go.

My sequel to "Kitchen Matches" has been giving me fits, so I opted to try his idea with that story. And, you know what? I think it worked. I have my ten main scenes (most of which are "complications") and I also got to know my heroine better ... she's been sort of ambiguous. But now I know she cries at weddings (but ONLY at weddings), has a list of questions she asks all her dates to see if they meet her criteria and so much more.

I'm re-energized.

Now, if only I hadn't been awake since 2:43 a.m.


You Are A Peanut

You are popular, even with people who tend to have picky taste.

Kids love you, as do dogs. From rednecks to snobs, most people have a place for you in their hearts.

As popular as you are, there are some people who can't be near you.

Don't take it too personally. There's just a few people you rub the wrong way.

ROFL... that's about right.



Dru said...

I'm so glad that the book gave you insight to work out problems with your sequel. Congrats on beingin re-energized and good luck with your progress.

You Are a Cashew

You are laid back, friendly, and easy going.

Compared to most people, you have a very mild temperament.

You blend in well. You're often the last person to get noticed.

But whenever you're gone, people seem to notice right away!

This is so true.

Have a good Friday.

MomJane said...

I am a Cashew also. Mostly true.
sorry about your lack of sleep. it was probably me sending you vibes as I tossed and turned all night.

J.A. Saare said...

Sorry about the lack of sleep, but I'm glad the book helped! ;)

Charity Tahmaseb said...

I also have freakishly long arms, so I feel ya there. I generally go up a size for sweaters and anything where I want long sleeves.

Tori Lennox said...

I think sleeves a weird peculiarity that makes them shrink even when everything else still fits.

Hugs re the lack of sleep but YAY! for the writing book helping you!

Brandy said...

My sweaters are having a similar problem, only it's the waist that is rising. I KNOW I'm not getting taller. I don't get it. I hope you stay warm and find some new sweaters.
Ooh, I also hope you get some rest soon. Sorry to hear you were frustrated with your writing, but it sounds as though you found the perfect thing needed to help out.

I hope your day went well.