Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What, When, Where, Why, How with Beth Caudill

Welcome today to Beth Caudill!

What flavor of pie is the yummiest?

I usually only eat pecan or pumpkin pie. My favorite would be pecan. It has a crunchy top and sweet, gooey bottom. Mmmmmm.

When does spring begin in your neck of the woods?

About mid-March but it could be earlier or later. The one thing about NC is that as the seasons switch you never know which season takes precedence. One day 70 degrees and the next 40 degrees. However, once spring takes hold…better enjoy it because summer is right on her heels.

Where is your favorite place to shop for books?

Given all we have are big name bookstores, I have to say Barnes and Noble right now. There are two or three used books but I rarely use them. Only when I’m on an OOP shopping trip. I would love to see a specialized Fantasy/SciFi store here. But for comics I love Foundations Edge – good people and customer service.

Why did you decide to start writing for publication?

For something to do while my children slept during the day. I never wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom but it happened. However, I hate cleaning. My grandmother would vacuum and sweep her hard wood floors everyday. That is not my cup of tea. So I had to do something with my time to ignore the household chores. I’ve always made up stories, I just never wrote them down. After an online group had a short story challenge and I saw a romance panel at a local library, I thought I could do that.

How do you dress when you sit down to write?

Nothing special. Normal everyday clothes. Jeans and a sweater in winter. Shorts and t-shirt during summer. And most days I take a shower too. *G*

Beth grew up in West Virginia but now resides in North Carolina with her husband and two children. She has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and previously worked as a quality assurance computer software tester. Reading has been her favorite activity for as long as she can remember and her home has more books than shelves to store them. While being a fulltime parent, she is pursuing a writing career.


Shelley Munro said...

Hi Beth and Marianne,

I enjoyed the interview. I'm definitely with you about the housework. It's not my favorite way to pass the time!

Brandy said...

I hear you on the housework. *g* I wish more UBS had good Sci-Fi/Fantasy sections. Good interview, thanks!

Beth Caudill said...

I want to thank Marianne for having me today. While advertising an internet availability...the hotel I'm at has very poor (non-existant) wireless capability. I won't be able to stop by very often today.

Hey Shelley and Brandy. Thanks for coming by. Yep, housework is the bane of all existance. How is it men get by leaving things a mess and women can't?

Mona Risk said...

Beth, if you have too many books do what my mother used to do. My father, a professor and writer, had over 3000 books. In addition to filling bookcases in every room and storing books under the beds, my mother built tables with books. She piled them by genre or author, four columns, then put a cardboard or wood, round sheet on top of the four columns, covered the whole thing with a red satin sheet and threw a lace table cloth on top. A nice lamp adorned the red table, et voila.

Beth Caudill said...


The only problem with the tables would be my two kids who blow through rooms like small hurricanes. I'm afraid the tables wouldn't last a day. Much safer for the books to be in the attic out of the reach of destructive but very cute children.

KaiaLogan said...

Hi Beth
I'm right with you on the books (and two small kids...). I have this fantasy of one day living in a house with a room dedicated to books--my own private library. A girl can dream, right? :-)

Dru said...

ooh, I would love a big room filled with wonderful books.

Beth Caudill said...

KaiaLogan - I would love a room dedicated to just books. My favorite room on TV was the library in the Disney live action Candleshoe. That's a room I would like. Rows and rows of books, windows to read in, and stained glass windows.

Dru - Yep. A nice big room for books that requires a ladder to reach them all.