Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Fought the Woods...

Despite the gardener's best intentions, Nature will improvise. ~Michael P. Garafalo,

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

Yesterday was our first and last nice day for a while -- they're predicting overcast and rain for the next week (Um... hello...isn't it summer?), so I decided to get out and WORK. I played hookey from the computer for most of the day and DD and I tackled some of the big tasks.

The hardest, by far, was cutting back the woods where it is infringing on our cultivated spaces. The way things grow here should be legend. Truthfully, if we abandoned our house today and no one did anything, we could come back two years later and it would look as though no one had every laid a blade to the earth (this actually happened to a house down the road -- the people left it and in a little over a year, you almost couldn't SEE the house for all the vegetation).

So, I went to my back woods garden with shovel, clippers and strong resolve.

The poor garden is so overgrown and full of weeds that my plants are barely surviving. They are full of weeds (especially blueberry and raspberry bushes, not to mention TONS of grass) and I felt like a bad mother. I decided to clear cut everything for about two feet back from the garden. This is not as easy as it may sound.

DD's job was to snip down the trees that had grown too close, mine was to dig up the earth and get the stumps out. Then we would line the back of the garden with rocks (which, we discovered, I had done once before -- but you couldn't see them because they were covered with rotting leaves and growth).

We worked and worked and WORKED. We were eaten by bugs (despite a nice coating of bug spray), we were filthy and tired and sore. But WE DID IT.

Now you can SEE the plants (though we didn't accomplish much actual weeding of the gardens -- we pulled the worst, but there is still MUCH work to be done). Still, I discovered my columbine:

And dianthus:

And foxglove:

And many other perennials that aren't blooming yet.

Speaking of blooming -- my milkweed is about ready to burst! I can't wait -- it smells SO amazing I wish I could bottle it up and wear it.

And, as promised, a picture of the growing pillars -- almost HALF are green now (instead of "bird poop" black and white):

We still have two that are so tiny you can barely see them -- they are the ones that were actually brownish when we found them. We must have found them the moment they hatched.

No more butterbabies on the rue yet -- but we look when we can. I'm waiting for DD to remember that my SIL has TONS of dill and that is where we found the bulk of our pillars from last year. And, no, I'm not reminding her, lol, but we're going over there for a Father's Day bash on Sunday, so I bet she realizes it then!

Have a great day.


You Are Chips and Salsa

You are energetic and a real go getter. You can even be aggressive at times.

You love taking risks and taking the rewards. You are a true daredevil.

You can be a bit greedy in life, and you go after what you want.

You are courageous and edgy. You will do what others are afraid of.

Huh... okay.



Dru said...

Thanks for sharing your gardening with us and your flowers are beautiful.

You Are Nachos

You are outgoing and generous. You love to share you life with other people.

You are carefree and light-hearted. You try to always make the best of things.

While you enjoy being with other people, you also value your alone time.

You like to reflect, think, and pick things apart. You like to study everything carefully.

I'm not outgoing, but the rest is more or less accurate.

Yeah, we're having the same weather as you. This morning when I woke up, I saw rain. When will it stop?

Have a good Thursday.

Maria Zannini said...

I hear you! SE Texas is semi tropical. Nothing stops the jungle but vigilence.

Brandy said...

Our garden barely was started. It was hubs job and he is not an outdoor person. *sigh* We've had rain off and on for over a week now. I'd be happy to see the sun if it didn't make it unbearably hot here.
Love seeing pictures from "Pillar Place"! *G*

I hope you have an enjoyable day!

Tori Lennox said...

Love the pictures!

You Are Enchiladas

You are an accepting, friendly person. You don't make waves.
You feel comfortable in a group, and you really enjoy the company of others.

You are fairly traditional and low key. You like to stick with what you know.
You have favorite foods, movies, and places that you enjoy time and time again.

Sure. Okay. Works for me. Now where are my sopapillas?

Ceri Hebert said...

I told my mom that she needs to teach me how to weed. Oh sure, I can pull things from the ground, but I can't differentiate some weeds from flowers. I love her gardens and she's getting to the point where weeding is difficult so I'd like to help out.

We're supposed to go to a Fisher Cat's game Saturday. I'm not going to enjoy sitting in the rain!

Keri Mikulski said...

Nice garden!

Now, I finally know what's growing in mine.. I thought it was a weed, but it's milkweed. Wait, I guess technically it's still a weed. :) Thanks..