Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Problems, Pillars and Puttering

I plan on living forever. So far, so good. ~Author Unknown

Am all but having a nervous breakdown because I can't load up today's new pages at The Long and the Short of It today. Seems our webhost is having issues. GAH. Gives me the shakes, because I don't even have a way to tell people that I'M TRYING. No ETA on when their issue will be fixed either. :::grumble, grumble:::

The butterbabies (aka Pillars) have more than doubled in size. Seems the one I found had JUST hatched! Yesterday, as I was watering the floral foam, I looked at the tip of the leaf he'd been on and there was an itty bitty "bubble" -- his eggshell.

I find the differences between the two species of butterflies we raise very interesting. For instance, the first thing a monarch does upon hatching is to turn around an EAT it's egg. Makes me wonder if it's kind of like colostrum? And... monarchs go on "walkabout" to shed their skins (which is why they get kept one each in small, COVERED containers. The Black Swallowtail just sits on its food and sheds its skin and only goes "walkabout" when it's ready to become a pupa. They both eat their shed skin, however.

Is talking about eating skins appropriate this early in the morning?

Will try to get some comparison pictures today so you can see how big the babies are getting to be. AND... it's finally supposed to be at least a little sunny today, so we may go on a pillar search later to see if we can find more.


Did more edits on Stiller Creek. I like my new character (which I shouldn't because this character is the bad guy) and I feel sorry for him. Should the bad guy invoke pity? Hope so, since mine does -- at least to me!

Also found some anthology call-outs that I may consider. 15 - 20 thousand words and it'll go to print. That would be cool. There are bunches of subjects they want, so finding something to write about (even something I'm currently working on) should be simple enough.


Okay... gotta go check my hosting site and see if I can get the LASR/WC pages up yet. I'm getting the shakes...

How is YOUR day going?



Michele said...

How is my day?
Hmmmm...I didn't want to get up.
Today is the day I find out what that little bump of skin is on my face...a normal part of getting old..gack, or...something else.

Other than that..humdrum...with a side of SUN! Woot!

groovyoldlady said...

ping, ping, ping, ping, ping!

I'm eating my shed skin.


ping, ping, ping, ping, ping!

Actually, I'm gulping coffee (which I don't need because my ACK-it's-almost -time-for-the-Trek adreneline is at an all time high).

ping, ping, ping, ping, ping!

Don't worry though. I'm staying calm and focused.

ping, ping, ping, ping, ping!


Gotta go clean and pack and make lists and visit the nursing home with the girlies and MAN, I need to get out and RIDE today and oh-no-what-if-the-kids-DO-get-scarlet-fever, and, and, and...

ping, ping, ping, ping, ping!

MomJane said...

I am just getting up, so nothing much going on. Sounds like everyone else is well on the way.

I used to complain about being so busy, and then I had a friend tell me that if I had a day with nothing to do, I would immediately fill it up with things to keep busy. I guess she was right.

Dru said...

My day seems like it will be long with mulitple meetings and finding time to get other tasks done.

Brandy said...

It's almost 2pm and I'm already exhausted. I hope you did get some sun today!