Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Special What, When, Where, Why and How with Charity and Darcy!

Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance are here on their Virtual Tour for the release of the astounding "Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading" (which I discussed earlier, here). Click on the banner for other stops cuz... you could win a cool Geek Gift (there will be a drawing from all blog comments).

Welcome ladies -- and now, onward and upward!

What would you name your car?

C: I’ve always felt like I should name my cars, but I don’t. This doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

It’s like my daughter and her baby dolls. We have Purple Baby, Red Baby, Green Baby … you get the idea. For the longest time, that’s what we called them. When my sister-in-law heard this, she was aghast. “Aren’t you a writer? I was thinking you’d come up with something more creative like Little Snuggly Cuddlebums.”

Sadly, no. Sometimes a car is simply White Car and a baby doll Purple Baby.

D: All my cars have had names. The one I drive now is kind of old; it’s a 2000 Impala. I hate to get rid of it because it’s been a really, really good car and it’s taken me to so many fun places. We’ve been to 22 states, the District of Columbia and two countries together. I call her Bess most of the time, but sometimes I call her Bestie.

When you're gone, where are you?

C: Like Darcy (answer below), I kept hearing music/lyrics. Only I was hearing the wrong lyrics: not “When You’re Gone,” but “Since You’re Gone,” by The Cars. Since I’ve been searching for mash-ups of 80s music all weekend on YouTube, I think this is appropriate.

So, clearly, I’m in the 80s, possibly with Ric Ocasek.

D: I had a hard time answering this question. Every time I started to, my mind would wander. I knew it reminded me of song lyrics but I couldn’t remember which ones. Finally, I googled ‘when you’re gone’ and came up with a list. There was that weird/sad one where Eminem is missing his daughter, and the even sadder one by the Cranberries – the one that sounds like someone has died – but those weren’t it. There was one by Avril Lavigne that I don’t remember hearing. Then I found it. It’s an old song by MXPX, Everything Sucks When You’re Gone. It goes like this:

All I ever needed was to eat popcorn with you,
Come on over,
Watch the late show,
Stay up talking until two

Today's the day you're leaving,
And tomorrow you'll be gone
You're in my heart and on my mind,
I will bring you along

Everything sucks when you're gone,

And that’s kind of really where I am when I’m gone. I love to travel but there is always a piece of me that misses whoever I’ve left behind. One day I would like to take a trip and bring everyone I love along with me – even my dog and cat!

Where were you when you got your first kiss?

C: I was in the Paris Metro, which--oddly enough--is in Paris, France. I was actually on the way to Gare du Nord to take a train up to Sweden.

I was leaving the tour I was on (Girl Scouts--geek alert) early to visit relatives. I so didn’t want to go. Or rather, not at that moment, because I was missing the big last night party, and OMG, our tour guide was sooooo cute. Think Paul McCartney circa 1964, only way cuter.

Yeah, my entire troop was IN LOVE.

So, there we were, my friends, me, and Mr. Cute Tour Guide, who was riding with us part way. He had to get off the train to do some tour guide stuff. He turned to me to say goodbye, then he kissed me.

Kiss. Me.

On the lips.

Then he hopped off the train, the doors closed, and we gaped at each other all the way to Gare du Nord.

And--ha!--he didn’t kiss anyone else goodbye at the party or the airport the following morning. To this day, I treasure that first kiss in my geeky, geeky heart.

D: My first kiss was epic-ly awful so, instead, I’ll tell you about my best kiss, okay? I was 17 and I had known the guy for a few months. He was hotttttttt but he was also a couple of years older than me (which can be a big deal when you’re in high school and the guy is not). We’d become really good friends and I had even fixed him up with some older girls I knew.

He was on a date with one of those girls and I had tagged along. We’d driven to Chicago to see the King Tut exhibit at a museum. I know this sounds weird but the Tut thing was a big deal – people were camped in line to see it, just like a rock concert. We’d been there hours already, and it had rained – so we were soaked.

The older girl went off to find a bathroom so the hot guy and I were standing around, just talking. Suddenly he grabbed me around the waist, pulled me close to him and planted this humongous, life changing kiss on me.

Oh. My. God. It was good. So good, in fact, that a few years later I ended up marrying Mr. Steal A Kiss Hottie and we’ve lived happily ever after.

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

C: Because my mom is an avid bird watcher. Or “birder” as I think the lingo goes. This involves special lists and counts, and sudden stops on back roads.

This is also a gene that skips a generation. I’m all: that’s a robin, and that’s a crow. And that’s about it. My daughter has a special love for birds (and all animals, really). I can see birding in her future.

D: I am either in a scary black and white horror movie, or it’s 1970 -- I’m strapped into the passenger seat of my mom’s car and the radio is on. Seriously, when I was young, Close To You by the Carpenters was my mom’s favorite song. My little brother would be locked into his booster seat in the back and we’d be driving down the road belting out that tune at the top of our lungs. Good times, I tell ya, good times!

How good are you at Scrabble?

C: For me, board games--even Scrabble--are “bored” games. My mind wanders. I start plotting stories in my head. I don’t pay attention. Therefore, I’m not very good at any games, not even ones that involve words.

D: I pwn, of course! (BTW, that’ll be 16 points – triple letter for the W.)

About Charity

Give me a:

C! Coffee. Three cups, every morning. Nonnegotiable.

H! Hopeful. I’m generally an optimist, except when I’m not.

A! Army. Six years. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …

R! Reading. All kinds of books. Except the scary ones. I’ve sworn off the horror genre and serial killers. I like my sleep too much. But I’ll stay up late for young adult fiction.

I! IT. By day, I work for a software company, where we do many geeky things, and where everything I write has XML tags.

T! Tenacious. This word used to show up a lot on my officer evaluation reports. It’s a nice way of saying I’m stubborn.

Y! Yet. As in “Are we there yet?” It’s the journey, not the destination, that’s important.

And Darcy

Give me a:

D!- Dork, nerd or geek? Dork, definitely. Although I have qualities from all three camps it is the off-kilter, socially inept side of me that tends to shine the brightest — like the time in middle school when I thought it would be cool to demonstrate a ballet jump for my friends in the orchestra room … and jete’d into five music stands and a cello.

A!- Artist. I love to draw, although lately I mostly specialize in doodles during boring work meetings. In high school I took every art class that I could fit into my schedule. I missed winning my school’s art award by one point but it was okay anyway — I got to present the award to one of my bffs.

R! - Rad. I love pop punk rock and I married a former skater/surfer dude.

C! - Coffee. Can’t. Exist. Without. It.

Y! - Young adult literature. I don’t just write it, it’s my favorite genre to read too.

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ProdElektra said...

Ahhhh...I fell in love with the MXPX lyrics. So adorable. And LOL at the car and doll names. I had really crazy names for my dolls when I was young so...oh well.
The first kiss stories were sooo cute *cue long AWWWWW*. Darcy's story made me hopeful of the get-married-to-your-highschool-sweetheart idea again. It's like a fairytale (Wuv, twoo wuv!).
Woohoo both of you love coffee? What's your favourite coffee drink? Mine's definitely Iced Caramel latte and Royal Cappuccino Frappe. And a few others I can't remember the exact names of right now.
Now I'm just gonna g listen to When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne and Now You're Gone by Basshunter. The "you're one" fest from the interview really got to me.

MomJane said...

I still remember how awful my first kiss was. I was in high school, a freshman, and after a game, a boy I really liked gave me a long kiss. I finally had to push him away because I couldn't hold my breath any longer. He is probably still laughing about that. I was soooo embarassed. I didn't know you weren't supposed to hold your breath. No one ever told me differently. I was 12 before I actually realized that you couldn't get pregnant by kissing. I still remember all the serious conversations my friends and I had about it.

Loved the interviews. My first dolls were "baby boy" and "baby girl". How creative is that?

Llehn said...

I feel like a groupie, following the Geek Girls here all the way from their blog. Thanks for sharing such intimate stories girls, especially those wonderful first kiss tales. Bet they brought back lots of memories!


Charity said...

Hey, thanks everyone for commenting!

I love coffee drinks, but I have this one quirk. They must be hot. Same goes for tea. Weird, I know. But I do love the vanilla bean frapp.

When I was writing this post, I also forgot about another baby doll, the waterproof one. We call her "swim baby." Big surprise, I'm sure.

Thanks for coming over from our blog. There *is* a drawing at the end--someone who comments will win a big prize pack.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Very cool interview - I loved these questions AND answers!

groovyoldlady said...

This was GREAT. Very entertaining.


We had a GrandAm and named it, "the dAm car".

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Awesome interview. I loved the way you used the names at the end. Very cool. And I love MxPx. Nice song!!!