Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We Interrupt our Guest Blogs...

"You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there." — Edwin Louis Cole

I'm writing this on Tuesday night, whilst being glued to the TV. And, that's as political as I'm going to get.

In any case, I have another guest blogger tomorrow, so wanted to write a quick note just to update y'all in case you wondered what was up in my neck of the woods.

I'm still feeling a little punky. Oddly, I haven't moved out of the scratchy throat phaze of the cold. I'm hoping I won't, that I'll just get better!!

In writing: I'm at 7110 words. Still within the NaNo daily goals (1662 words a day), but not where I wanted to be. Still, as I lay in bed last night (which would be two nights ago, when you read this) I had to figure out who was at Sunny's door. That's where I'd ended that morning:

No sooner had I poured myself a cup with nonfat milk and two pink packs of sweetener, the doorbell rang. Who was here this early?

When I wrote the words, I had NO IDEA who was at the door. Was it Spence? Mira? Tiffany? Someone I hadn't created yet?

So, I brainstormed... and decided that it had to be Miss International Queen of Queens winner: Theanae Reynolds!!! She's a crazy girl, a hoot, a sweetie on the outside, tough as nails on the inside of her Georgia Peach body. She'll "bless your heart" while she takes you down a peg or two, all the while touching up her hooker red lipstick and talking non-stop.

I already love her. I spent a good hour writing all about her, where she lives (on her tour bus), how she looks (blonde Dolly Partin hair, long pink nails with rhinestones in the tips, high heels which makes her constantly take little, mincing steps) and what kind of person she is (aside from one of Sunny's best friends). I am madly in love with her. I'd thought I'd want to write about RayLynn first (Ms. Queen of Queens contestant), but I'm thinking Thea needs her story told. How could I not love a woman who talks like this:

“Heck, honey, Vegas is only a hop, skip and a jump from here and my manager told me you were moving.” She stepped back and touched the corner of one red lip with a long, pink nail. “I haven’t seen you in a month of Sunday’s. I had to come first chance I got. You look awful, bless your heart.”

We'll see. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. In any case, I only write just over 400 words this morning (tomorrow morning when you read this ), but have plans in place to write more tomorrow (today to y'all).

So, there you have it... now, I'll leave the rest of the blog space to my guest blogger! Make sure you leave her a comment now, you hear?



Sarita Leone said...

What a great character! I can see and hear her already. I love it that your novel is going so well. Way to go!

Sorry you're still feeling kind of funky. I hope you begin to feel better soon.

Chocolate. Lots of it. Isn't that the cure for the common cold? :)

Ceri said...

You're doing great! Sounds like you're having fun with your story.

Dru said...

I already love Theanae. You are doing fabulously.

Feel better soon!

Judy said...

Y'know... I think I KNOW Theanae... I think she was one of my sorority sisters ;-)

Allie Boniface said...

Hey...did you get me sick??

anno said...

Theanae sounds like a great character. Not someone I want to meet, necessarily, but reading about her sounds like great fun! Sending you virtual chicken soup -- hope you feel better soon!