Friday, November 07, 2008

It's DH's Fault...

Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent. ~Ambrose Bierce

How does ANYONE work with their husband home????? Dear heavens to betsy... if he's not finding things for me to do ("You need to take the truck to be inspected." ... "Would you go get me these light bulbs?" ... "Can you come out here to help me bleed the brakes?" ... "I'm hungry. What's for lunch?"), he's inside talking, which would be nice I suppose, if I wasn't so FREAKING BEHIND in absolutely every aspect of my life. I'm behind in writing, LASR, homeschooling, housework, training the dog... you name it.

I'm trying to be patient, but we've had way too much togetherness of late -- I don't do well with togetherness with anyone -- and I'm going nuts.

I've decided that he is never going to be allowed to retire.


Just saying.

And now my word count for Thursday: 7734.

Yep, a whopping 232 words more than Wednesday. I'm officially behind 2482 words. Considering that DH isn't going back to work until Monday and then only working three days before another ten day vacation, I'm a bit concerned... **sigh** ...


Look what I bought at WalMart yesterday while purchasing light bulbs for the license plate holder:

Now... to find the time to actually read it!!!



Dru said...

Since I don't have anyone underfoot, but have had guest stay at my place, I do know what you mean about too much togetherness.

I hope it eases up soon.

Sarita Leone said...

Love it that you're piling the words up. Any growing word count is good. :)

Hubby is retired but he's got enough interests that he very, very rarely impinges on my writing time. We've settled comfortably into being together all the time and honestly if he doesn't make any noise for a while I go looking for him.

You found the book I drove over two counties looking for last week! AHH!! I looked again yesterday but had no luck. One of the drawbacks of living in the middle of nowhere. *sigh*

Hope your cold is beating a hasty retreat! Feel better soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm dreading Tuesday, when not only the boys will be home, but the HUSBAND will be there as well. And he's got 13 weeks of vacation he needs to start using up between now and the end of the year (thank goodness he doesn't have to use ALL of it, or there would be WORDS).

Right there with ya, babe.

Brandy said...

O good grief! I love my hubs, but when he has time off he's always underfoot! I so sympathize.