Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Better Day

"Get up from your desk and wander outside occasionally. To be a good writer one needs to be a good observer, and there isn't a lot to be observed at desk level." - Jane Yolen

We finally, FINALLY figured out what was making the dog act so weird at night (pacing, whining, breathing in my face) over the past week or so -- the smoke alarm IN THE ATTIC over DD's room had a low battery, so it would give off a little "beep" every thirty seconds or so. During the day, there's too much residual noise to hear it, but at one in the morning, if you were really quiet and alert, you could just barely hear the beep.

It's a sound that flips the dog out. No wonder when I'd go away somewhere, she'd be in the basement when I got back. Poor puppy -- tortured by a beep for more than a week.

Last night, though, since DH climbed up and replaced the battery... we all three slept like babies. Life is good...

So, anyway....

I worked a little on MY OWN writing yesterday. I'm trying to edit the first novel I ever wrote as an adult. It is, truly, the book of my heart. I love these characters and want this story to be told. I sent the first, edited chapter to a couple of people who haven't read the story before because I wanted fresh eyes. I heard back from one of them (thanks, Gay!) with some great feedback. Someday, I'm going to get just the right beginning to this story.

I also worked a little on designing a website for my friend, Judy. And even though I did a little work for LASR, I mostly stepped away from it yesterday. I needed the break.

The good news there is this: We have six new reviewers ready to come on board and I'm THRILLED. We're making a few changes to the reviewer policy, and once that's firmly in place, these ladies will be coming on board. Look forward to even more reviews every day.

So, yes, it was a pretty good day yesterday. I feel much better this morning. Thanks for your well-wishes yesterday. They worked!


Your Birth Month is January

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Jen said...

I'm glad you're feeling refreshed and had a good day yesterday.

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, poor puppy! Smoke alarms with low batteries are one of the most annoying things on the planet! I'm glad you finally figured out what the problem was.

Hooray for writing!!!

Dru said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better today.

They always say it's the little low noise that you hear that annoys you most.

Alice Teh said...

I'm a September baby...

Tolerant and inspirational, you are wise beyond your years. You are universally sympathetic and a great humanitarian.

Your soul reflects: Devotion, light, and love

Your gemstone: Sapphire

Your flower: Morning Glory

Your colors: Brown and deep blue